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Andrew Stainer

Global head of asset management

AXA Investment Managers - Real Assets

Fonds d'investissement - Investisseur / Asset management

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Harry Badham

UK Head of Development

Stuart Carr-Jones

Head of Transactions for UK, Ireland and Emerging Europe

Ian Chappell

Head of Fund Management, Value-Added and Development Funds

Justin Curlow

Global Head of Research and Strategy

Adrian D'Enrico

Fund Manager

Philippe de Martel

Co-Head, European AXA Equity Mandates

Mark Gilligan

Head of Infrastructure Equity

Alexis Gisselbrecht

Senior Fund Manager, Real Assets

Bertrand Loubières

Head of Infrastructure Finance

Vincent Mezard

Head of Hospitality

John O'Driscoll

European Head of Transactions

Joe Persechino

Head of Residential and Student Accommodation

Monika Ward

Deputy Head of Research & Strategy

Jeffrey Woodard

Principal, Infrastructure Equity


AXA IM - Real Assets nomme Laurent Lavergne Global Head of Asset Management & Development

AXA Investment Managers - Real Assets a annoncé la nomination de Laurent Lavergne au poste de Global Head of Asset Management & Development à (...)


[ALLEMAGNE] Axa IM-RA nomme Sven Krumpholz, Head of Asset Management & Transactions

Axa Investment Managers - Real Assets annonce la nomination de Sven Krumpholz en qualité de Head of Asset Management & Transactions en Allemagne. Basé à Cologne, il (...)


Isabelle Scemama remplace Pierre Vaquier à la tête d’AXA Investment Managers - Real Assets

Isabelle Scemama est nommée CEO d'AXA Investment Managers - Real Assets et rejoint le management board d'AXA Investment Managers, en remplacement de Pierre Vaquier, qui quitte l'entreprise (...)


Anne Kavanagh quitte AXA IM - Real Assets pour devenir CIO de Patrizia

Anne Kavanagh deviendra, le 17 avril prochain, la nouvelle chief investment officer de Patrizia Immobilien AG. Elle quitte ainsi son poste de global head of asset (...)


AXA IM - Real Assets nomme Andrew J. Stainer Head of Northern Europe

AXA Investment Managers - Real Assets a annoncé aujourd’hui la nomination de Andrew Stainer en tant que head of Northern Europe, un poste nouvellement créé visant à superviser (...)