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Welcome to the inaugural edition of Europe Watch, CBRE Global Investor's latest monthly audit of the European economy and its property markets. As chronicled in seven précis ranging from consumer and business sectors to capital markets and direct property investment, there is clearly much ado across Europe. Yet some newsworthy developments do not fit neatly below. After a muddled election result and two months without a government, Italy finally appears to have a reformist administration in place led by Enrico Letta. Market reaction has been borderline euphoric. With Italian ten-year government-bond yields having fallen below 4%, this may prove a catalyst for property investors to refocus attention on the Apennine Peninsula. Across the Adriatic, a landmark agreement between the governments of Serbia and Kosovo set the scene for further EU enlargement. Recognition of autonomy should ultimately give way to increased investment in the region and the opening of new real estate markets. And finally, while we're hard-pressed to make a property connection with Willem-Alexander's succession as the new King of the Netherlands, we at least empathise with our orange-clad colleagues merrymaking in Dam Square. Long live the King !

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