Private Equity Real Estate Fundraising Declines - Q4 2011

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Twenty-three closed-end private real estate funds reached a final close in Q4 2011 having raised an aggregate $9.4bn. This is a 23% decline on the $12.2bn which was raised by 28 funds in Q3 2011; however, Preqin anticipates the latest quarterly figures improving slightly (10-20%) as more information becomes available. The amount raised by private real estate funds that closed in 2011 was $44.4bn, a small decline on the $45.4bn raised in 2010. As more information becomes available it is likely that the figure will increase to match or possibly exceed the 2010 total. 114 funds reached a final close during the year, a fall from the 142 that closed in 2010.

Source : Preqin

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