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European Quarterly Country Review : Switzerland - Q1 2013

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The strength of the Swiss franc has weakened the competititveness of Swiss exports, but domestic demand remained strong in 2012, and GDP is expected to have grown by about 0.9% in the year as a result

Dominant office occupies have started to move their operations out of the Zurich and CBD as the floor plates in non-central locations are much more efficient and cost up to 50% less

Retailers had to deal with an erosion of sale prices for the fourth consecutive year, but the on-going influx of immigrant workers as well as affluent tourists from outside the eurozone continued to drive retail sales and occupier demand for prime retail units

Investor demand for Swiss real estate remains high, as yields across all sectors continue to fall over the year 2012. Prices appear expensive but, as the gap between prime office yields and government bonds is close to its historical high, Swiss property still looks fairly priced

Source : AXA Real Estate

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