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A Compelling Investment Opportunity : The Case for Global Listed Infrastructure Revisited

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In 2008, RREEF published a white paper, titled The Case for Global Listed Infrastructure that provided a basis for an institutional allocation to the sector. Since then, the world has undergone a sharp economic downturn and turmoil in the financial markets, commonly referred to as the “global financial crisis”, and transitioned into a recovery phase. During this time, infrastructure gained prominence as nearly half of the fiscal stimulus announced by governments worldwide targeted infrastructure as means to combat severe recession, highlighting the critical role the sector plays in economic growth and development.

The past few years have been the ultimate test of the defensiveness of the listed infrastructure sector. In an environment of prolonged volatility and economic uncertainty, infrastructure securities continued to report strong earnings, reflecting the essential nature of its underlying assets. On a five year basis, listed infrastructure produced a higher Sharpe ratio (a statistic used to measure the return per unit of risk) than many other asset classes.

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