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US : Office Snapshot - Q2 2013

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Over the four years since the recovery began, the U.S. GDP increased 8.1%, or roughly 2.0% per year, less than half the average increase over the same time period in the previous five recoveries, which was 16.3%. Despite the slow pace of overall GDP growth, the economy generated somewhat stronger job growth.

In the first half of 2013, slightly more than 1.2 million jobs, or roughly 200,000 jobs per month, were added, up from an average of 183,000 per month in 2012 and 175,000 in 2011. Employment in the key office-using industries such as financial services, professional and business services and information, grew even more rapidly than the rest of the economy, increasing an average of 70,000 jobs per month, up from 55,000 per month in 2012. Office-using employment is now less than 250,000 jobs below its pre-recession peak.

Source : Cushman & Wakefield

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