2013 CoreNet Global End User Compensation Survey

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In the third quarter of 2013, FPL worked with CoreNet Global to develop a questionnaire for the purpose of gathering compensation information relevant to internal CRE organization employees in the current market. The questionnaire included a number of questions that have become standard to the CoreNet Global Compensation Survey, to allow for comparisons to prior years’ studies and to identify trends.

For this year’s survey, 291 End User members provided thorough responses, classifying them as participants. FPL gathered all of the responses, clarified additional information, as needed, from participants, and then analyzed the data to develop this summary report.

Information was requested for 33 positions, and sufficient data were received for 19 of these surveyed positions. Not every participant was able to provide information for each data item requested because of differences in organizational and compensation structures across internal CRE organizations. In cases where some participants did not respond to a particular question or position, the statistics are based only on the actual responses received.

Source : CoreNet Global

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