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Asia Pacific Fair Value : Property more attractive as required return falls - Q2 2014

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The Asia Pacific property market continues to present attractive opportunities for investors. The DTZ Asia Pacific Fair Value Index™ rose to 63 in Q2, up slightly from the Q1 published figure of 58 (a score of 100 indicates that all markets are underpriced and zero that all markets are overpriced.

The rise in the Fair Value Index score was driven by an improvement in the office and retail sectors, in markets mostly located in China and South East Asian countries. These included Singapore retail and Bangkok offices. Going forward, we expect the Asia Pacific Fair Value Index score to remain above 50 until the end of 2015.

Despite the large gap that remains between the Fair Value Index scores for Asia Pacific and Europe, the proportion of attractive opportunities in Asia Pacific is now close to that in the UK, with their index scores being separated by just one point.

Source : DTZ (Groupe UGL)

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