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Sweden Investment - Q3 2014

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Looking back at three strong quarters we expect a strong fourth quarter as well, with a yearly transaction volume being in line with the years prior to the 2008 financial crisis.

Prime yields are expected to remain firm, and in some segments harden. We expect a lower spread between prime and secondary yields due to the shortage of products on the market and the increased willingness to achieve higher returns through more risk.

Sweden remains a priority market for many international investors, but they struggle to secure investments and are often outbid by domestic investors.

The Swedish economy is still recovering slowly but growth is expected to pick up. It is likely that Sweden will outperform most mature markets in Europe in the short term and the government has stable finances, which can allow for higher spending if it is deemed necessary.

The proposed new corporate tax system could have significant impact on the property market but effects are hard to estimate before a new proposed law is presented. The current proposal could incur significantly higher tax burdens for highly geared investors.

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