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Italy : Non-European activity boosts the investment volume - Q3 2014

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The summer period has seen the Italian investment market activity rebound after a disappointing Q2. Volume reached EUR964m of transactions over the last quarter, above the usual level recorded for a third quarter (EUR888m). Since the beginning of the year, EUR2.3bn of investments have been recorded in Italy, posting a 14% increase from the same period a year ago. The Italian market is becoming quite popular within the investors community as pricing adjustments have been made and opportunities are now more numerous.

As in previous years, the market activity has continued to be dominated by cross-border investors on the buy-side. Their market share reached 74% since the beginning of the year, despite a rebound from domestic investors recorded on the buy side in Q3. On a net basis, non-European investors have consistently increased their exposure on the Italian market, totalling a EUR591m of net investment since the beginning of the year.

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