ANREV / INREV / PREA Investment Intentions Survey 2016 Snapshot

Investors continue moving up the risk curve with value added now preferred to core

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The real estate sector is expected to see an influx of capital in 2016 with a minimum of €48 billion approximately earmarked for investment into global real estate. On balance investors across the globe intend to further increase their portfolio weightings to the sector, with the average target allocation to real estate being 10.3% compared with an average current allocation of 9.4%.

European investors lead the pack in terms of building up their real estate portfolios with 64.8% of them expecting to increase their real estate allocation over the next two years. Next in terms of optimism are the North American investors, 42.3% of whom expect

to increase their allocation, and in third place come Asia Pacific investors, with 39.4% indicating they expect to increase their allocation over the next two years.

Source : INREV

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