Into Africa : The continent’s Cities of Opportunity

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As with our global Cities of Opportunity report, this one is specifically designed for three sets of readers. The entire purpose of this analysis, of course, is to facilitate the decisions and actions of both investors and policymakers. Therefore, we’ve structured this report, as much as possible, around the critical issues of the business community, as well as those of the officeholders and other public authorities who are responsible for improving the collective life of each city examined here.

And that leads to our third – and, we believe, most important – group of readers, the actual citizens of the 20 cities in this report. Every element of this study – from infrastructure and human capital to the economy and society – directly concerns the more than 97 million people who live in the cities described here. In that sense, this report is about and for them – and we hope that some citizens will use it as a guide and encouragement to municipal improvement, no matter where they live.

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