The Asset Owner Real Estate Investment Process: Risk management insights from the MSCI/IPD survey

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During the final quarter of 2013, MSCI conducted a survey into the asset allocation processes of institutional asset owners, with a particularly close examination of their real estate exposures. These results were written up in a summary document that was released in February 2014. This paper provides a more detailed analysis of the real estate element of the survey, with a particular focus on risk management through the investment process.

As for the previous paper, the results are based on a desk-based analysis of 138 asset owners, as well as an on-line survey and in-person interviews with 40 investors carried out in conjunction with MSCI. To ensure clarity about the survey samples, the in-person and online interview participants are labelled ’Survey Participants’, while the asset owner data obtained from public documents are referred to as the ‘Sample Universe’.

Source : MSCI - IPD

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