Hotel Reviews: How Guests Rate Their Experiences in European Hotels

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Since the Internet revolution gained momentum around the turn of the century, the hospitality sector has gone through an enormous evolution. The change the industry has gone through in the past 15 years has been greater than the 150 years before that.

Major brands have diversified and are now conglomerates operating on large loyalty platforms and CRM systems; Location is no longer the sole driver for hotel development, and Experience has become a major decision making factor for consumers.

The hotel industry needs more than ever to take customers seriously. Where in the past hoteliers would strive to offer the best service to consumers, today that is no longer enough. Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) have largely conquered the online booking world and consumers are now able to make their opinion known, almost instantly. These customer reviews have become a major deciding factor for prospective guests when booking a hotel.

Source : Colliers International

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