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Grégoire Charbit, Oddo BHF

"Real estate is a very important asset class for Oddo BHF "

Franco-German private bank Oddo BHF is adding a new dimension to its business line, placing real estate alongside private banking, asset management and corporate and investment banking. Partly owned by its 2,300 employees - 65% of them hold 30% of the equity - the family group has just made its first real estate purchase in France. Grégoire Charbit, a member of the executive committee, explains the reasons for this investment and tells us about his ambitions in the sector.

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Business Immo: Oddo BHF has just acquired the IKO building in Clichy-la-Garenne from LaSalle. Can you remind us of the details of this operation? Grégoire Charbit: IKO was delivered last December and includes approximately (...)

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