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Are SIICs inoculated against Covid-19? - iread

A year ago, most of us were overcome with fear, afraid to go and collect basic necessities. Today, the words 'wearing a mask' and 'lockdown' are part of our vocabulary. The anxiety has not gone away, but we are facing this pandemic with vigour. In the stock market, the effects are similar. Initially, the contraction in stock market values is the result of the surprise generated by the lockdown effect. Uncertainties about the strength of the recovery are weighing on the depreciation of values. However, real estate players are coping with the crisis and implementing viable strategies. As a result, SIICs are proving their resilience and are gradually recovering. Has the contagion wave passed?

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Stock market performance: glass half empty... Despite the vertiginous fall in share prices experienced by the entire stock market as soon as the health crisis (...)

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