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Cécile Blanchard, BPCE SI, Carine Dassé, MSCI

“There are no banned real estate products among investors”

MSCI and BPCE Real Estate Solutions have published the 29th edition of the French real estate investment barometer. Despite the health crisis, investors believe more than ever in real estate, but are showing increased selectivity, which is reflected in a rush to buy prime products. Cécile Blanchard, Director of Research and Communication at BPCE Real Estate Solutions, and Carine Dassé, Executive Director at MSCI Coverage Client, review the findings of this barometer, which was conducted among investors managing nearly €200 bn in real estate assets.

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Business Immo: What is the mood of property investors after reading the results of your new barometer? Carine Dassé: Investors expect the real estate market (...)

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