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Business Immo joins the CoStar group

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The Business Immo Group team... almost complete. © DR

Business Immo Group opens a new page in its history. Created in 2003 by Jean-François Grazi and Nicolas Lerègle, the leading French media group for BtoB real estate information has just joined the CoStar group, world leader in real estate information.

With a team of about fifty employees, Business Immo has based its development on three main business lines: information, training and events.

The editorial division, which is at the heart of the company's business, is based on three pillars of information and high value-added data services: the web (with the newswire), print (with the magazine BIG and the special issues) and video (with the BiTV platform). The website has 315,000 unique visitors and over 680,000 page views per month (ACPM figures).

The training division offers continuing education with an average of 300 sessions per year and initial training with the creation of the Business Immo School in September 2021.

Finally, the events division offers conferences and events such as the Forum des métiers de l'immobilier et de la ville and the Assises nationales du foncier et des territoires.

In 2022, Business Immo will have 2,000 subscribed companies, 60,000 subscribers to our newsletters, more than 1,500 trainees trained per year, two real estate BTS classes, about twenty conferences organized for our clients and two trade shows.

Jean-François Grazi and Nicolas Lerègle declared: "With the new technological stakes and the increasing internationalization of our sector, it was time for Business Immo to take a new step. As an experienced investor, the CoStar group will provide us with the necessary means to continue our development with confidence.

"By joining the CoStar group, the Business Immo group is taking a strategic step in its development. Together, we will pursue our strategy based on the triptych "inform, train, meet" and accelerate the growth of our activities", underlined Sandra Roumi, delegated president of Business Immo.

"We are proud to welcome Business Immo, the leading media for BtoB real estate information in France, to the CoStar family. And we are excited to continue this great adventure with the management team in place," concluded Andrew Florance, CoStar's founding president.

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