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Cevan Torossian et Thierry Juteau, Arthur Loyd

"Inflation and rising rates: a paradigm shift for the investment market?"

In a note completed at the beginning of July entitled "Inflation and commercial real estate: what are the impacts?", Arthur Loyd deciphers the turbulent news of the moment and delivers its analyses in exclusivity for Business Immo. The return of inflation to levels close to those of the early 1980s and the rise in ten-year government bond yields have brought back uncertainty to the commercial property investment market. Interview with Cevan Torossian, Director of Research, and Thierry Juteau, Investment Director.

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Business Immo: To what extent is inflation impacting the commercial property investment market? Cevan Torossian: This is an unprecedented period in all respects: inflationary pressures (...)

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    Thierry Juteau

    Directeur du département investissement

    Arthur Loyd Investissement

    Cevan Torossian

    Associé - Directeur études et recherches

    Arthur Loyd France