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Father of Spain's REIT regime to speak at EPRA/Iberian Property event

Miguel Ferre © EY

Miguel Ferre, one of the fathers of Spain's REIT regime, is to take part, alongside four of his most successful 'progeny', Merlin PropertiesHispaniaColonial and Lar España, at the Iberian REIT Conference in Madrid on 21/22 March organised by EPRA and Iberian Property.

Domique Moerenhout, CEO of the European Public Real Estate Assoctiation (EPRA), said the conference will discuss the success that SOCIMIs have had in attracting foreign capital, and also analyse the impact this can have on the coming REITs legislation in neighbouring Portugal. Highlighting the positive aspects of regulation may allow the Portuguese government in Lisbon to avoid errors made in Spain.

António Gil Machado, director of Iberian Property, added: "SOCIMIs are a success story in Spain, although they are taking their first steps in comparison with the consolidated reality of REITs in Europe and the US. In the main economies of the world, REITs are a long-term investment alternative, with the guarantee of professional management in a preferential asset class."

EPRA also aims to highlight the potential for REIT/SOCIMIs to be strategic long-term partners for large Iberian cities and the central role they can play in executing large urban developments. In this sense, the conference will analyse the part they can play in the development of the Castellana Norte District Project of the Spanish capital, as well as showing international examples that include the participation of reference REITs in Europe.

Moerenhout said meetings such as the Iberian REIT Conference form part of EPRA's policy of promoting relationships with local associates and, for analysts from institutions, family offices and local mutuals, facilitating awareness over the possibilities offered by investment in this type of quoted real estate company.

Ferre, now Senior Advisor at EY, will make a presentation at the conference in the Villa Magna hotel in Madrid alongside Cristina García-Peri, general director of Hispania, Carmina Ganyet, corporate director of Colonial, Ismael Clemente, CEO and co-founder of Merlin, and José Luis del Valle, president of Lar España. The program will also have the vision of Benoît Dohin, representing Unibail-Rodamco, one of the largest REITs in Europe, as well as the opinion of several analysts and institutional investors.

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