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Coen van Oostrom, OVG Real Estate

"We are coming to France to develop and operate a new generation of buildings"

One of the leaders in development and innovation in The Netherlands, OVG Real Estate, is entering France as part of its quest to become pan-European. Business Immo Editor-in-Chief Sandra Roumi caught up with CEO Coen van Oostrom and, in an exclusive interview, asked about his ambition and vision for the group.

Coen van Oostrom © OVG Real Estate
Business Immo : What does OVG Real Estate represent and what is its track record?
Coen van Oostrom : Launched in 1997, OVG Real Estate is the No. 1 developer in the Netherlands. In 20 years, our team of 90 people has developed more than 1m sqm in the Netherlands, Germany and the United States. Its flagship is the "Edge" building in Amsterdam, a 40,000 sqm office complex that houses Deloitte’s headquarters. This asset, which is both the smartest and most environmentally friendly building in the world, has given birth to Edge Technologies, which represents the archetypal building of tomorrow. 2018 marks the international launch of Edge Technologies and of its first project in Amsterdam - but also a shift in the strategy of OVG Real Estate, which is now positioned as a service company and no longer as a real estate firm, having three areas of activity: developer, manager and operator.
BI : What are the foundations of Edge Technologies? And how is this technology innovative today?
CvO : Edge Technologies will develop and operate a new generation of buildings that are more exemplary for its occupants, but also for the planet, based on three major pillars: environment, well-being and design. Thanks to the data generated and captured by our assets, Edge Technologies will be able to improve the user experience, as well as to measure and optimise the building's environmental and energy performance. With this triple approach, Edge participates in the reinvention of workplaces, now conceived as life places. The first opus of this generation - Edge Olympic - is an asset of 11,000 sqm that is scheduled for completion in May 2018 at a location near the Olympic Stadium, south of Amsterdam. Designed around a mix of different workspaces - coworking, studio and dedicated spaces - this building is committed to increasing the well-being and productivity of employees. Certified Well Gold and Breeam Excellent, Edge Olympic intends to minimise its environmental impact both in its construction (with a cradle-to-cradle approach) and in its operation. Finally, a dedicated application will increase the comfort of employees by offering a platform of services.
BI : What are your ambitions for France ?
CvO : OVG Real Estate will take advantage of Mipim to launch its offensive in Paris, where we will very soon establish an office. Between the Paris Climate Agreement, the 2024 Olympic Games, Grand Paris and the Smart City 2050, the French capital falls entirely within our scope. With this in mind, we are going to look for sites to develop buildings of at least 15,000 sqm - because a critical size is necessary to achieve our concept - but also objects that need some heavy restructuring. In fact, fully half of our European production today is oriented towards existing buildings.


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