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Michael Sigda, Cyrille Berthet and Antoine Yeretzian, Olarchy

"We have replayed the transaction of the In/Out building with blockchain ..."

Live from Mipim PropTech Europe (Paris) - The French start-up Olarchy has replayed a real estate transaction using blockchain technology to show the efficiencies that the new process technology can achieve. In an exclusive interview with BI's Aurélien Jouhanneau, founders Michael Sigda, Cyrille Berthet and Antoine Yeretzian, who presented their initiative Wednesday at Mipim PropTech Europe in Paris, talk about the results which involved a sale of the In/Out building in Paris by the REIT/SIIC Société Foncière Lyonaise to Primonial REIM.

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Business Immo: Can you introduce Olarchy? Michael Sigda, Cyrille Berthet and Antoine Yeretzian: Olarchy is a platform created by us three in 2018 that will allow real estate (...)

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