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Co-Founder - Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

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Chief Technical Officer

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Co-founder, CIO & Director

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Germany’s Patrizia acquires BrickVest

Germany’s Patrizia AG has acquired BrickVest, the London-based global digital investment platform founded in 2014 by French businessman Emmanuel Lumineau. The Augsburg-based listed investment manager (...)


Brexit hits investor popularity of UK property; Germany, France benefit

Brexit confusion reduced the investor popularity of UK commercial property in first quarter to the benefit of Germany and France, says British Fintech firm BrickVest. Data (...)


Wiesbaden lender Aareal grows net 8% to €224m, sees lower operating profit

Wiesbaden-based property lender Aareal boosted attributable net income by 8% last year to €224m, and said it sees operating profit, this year at €316m, (...)


London's BrickVest closes Swiss AIF, buys Acron office package for €157m

BrickVest, an independent London-based investment manager, has made the first close of a fund focused on Switzerland, and executed the vehicle's first purchase - (...)


Commercial Real Estate trends 2018 - Is your strategy aligned with the market?

BrickVest has polled over 4,500 investors and 600 deal sponsors with a combined AUM of €446bn to bring together one of the largest commercial (...)


Le Royaume-Uni redevient le premier choix des investisseurs - T4 2017

・Le Royaume-Uni redevient la destination N°1 des investisseurs en matière d’immobilier commercial, passant de 27% d’intention au T3 2017 à 29% au T4 2017.  ・ (...)


Germany loses favour as commercial real estate hotspot - Q4 2017

Germany is no longer the most popular destination for commercial real estate investment, according to BrickVest’s latest commercial property investment barometer (‘the Barometer’). Formerly (...)


Les investisseurs privilégient désormais l’Allemagne au Royaume-Uni - T3 2017

• 33% des investisseurs interrogés par BrickVest pour son baromètre trimestriel privilégient l’Allemagne pour leurs investissements dans l’immobilier commercial. • La France se classe quatrième (...)


Investors favour Germany over UK for commercial real estate for first time - Q3 2017

・33% of investors favour Germany, according to the latest BrickVest commercial property investment barometer. ・27% favoured UK, 17% the US and 15% France. ・UK, (...)


Le Royaume-Uni continue d’attirer les investisseurs dans l’immobilier commercial - T2 2017

Un investisseur sur trois (31%) déclare que le Royaume Uni reste sa région d'investissement privilégiée pour l'immobilier commercial, selon le dernier baromètre de l'investissement (...)


Investor risk appetite rises as UK remains most attractive global commercial real estate market - Q2 2017

・31% of investors selected the UK as their preferred location, according to the latest BrickVest commercial property investment barometer. ・24% favoured Germany, 22% the (...)


Malgré le Brexit, le Royaume-Uni reste le marché préféré pour les investisseurs dans l’immobilier commercial – T1 2017

Le Royaume Uni reste la zone préférée des investisseurs en ce qui concerne l’immobilier commercial, selon le Baromètre BrickVest trimestriel du 1er trimestre 2017. (...)


Despite concerns over Brexit, UK rated as most attractive commercial real estate market - Q1 2017

The UK remains the preferred region to invest in commercial real estate despite seeing a slight dip in popularity since Brexit, according to the (...)


What does 2016 hold for European real estate?

Although many investors welcomed the new year with fairly high hopes, the markets have been on a stomach-churning ride since the start of the (...)