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French Afilog opens a branch in Berlin

Afilog, the French association of logistics real estate and supply chain players, has just opened a branch in Berlin. It will be led by (...)


Gabriele Volz becomes CEO of Commerz Real

The supervisory board of Commerz Real has appointed Gabriele Volz as Chief Executive Officer of . She will take up the position on 1 (...)


Expo Real transforms into a two-day "Hybrid Summit"

In response to the special circumstances arising from the Covid-19 pandemic, Expo Real is transforming to offer both physical and virtual meeting places under (...)


High occupancy, low rates, lack of alternatives to keep property stable - German execs

Strong occupancy, low interest rates and lack of investment competition should keep property performance stable, German executives say. But political interference is growing. The executives (...)


Italian office refurb, French PRS offer new opportunities - BNPP REIM's Knoflach

Italian office refurbishment and French rental housing development are emerging as two real estate opportunities in Europe, says Barbara Knoflach, Global head of Investment Management (...)


MIPIM BLOG Day 1: Sun still shining on European real estate but rain (caution) enters forecasts

Live from MIPIM (Cannes) - First impressions from the sunshine of Cannes: still plenty of optimism around real estate value in Europe though now it comes (...)


Germany in good shape but govt hiatus, coalition treaty unhelpful - Quo Vadis

Germany's economy and real estate market are in good shape, but lack of a federal government for several months and new regulations contained in (...)


German Grand Coalition treaty agreed, passes to SPD membership vote

After weeks of talks and a historic delay in forming a government, Germany's right-wing CDU/CSU parties and the left-of-centre SPD on Wednesday announced agreement (...)


No bubble yet in German housing, senior economists agree

German house prices, despite steep price rises over recent years, have not yet entered a risky bubble, even if this may come in the (...)


Distressed sellers now replaced by distressed buyers, ZIA conference hears

Upward pressure on real estate prices caused by protracted low interest rates means that one or two distressed buyers often appear in a sales (...)


German listed property AUM passes €100bn, nears largest UK sector – ZIA/Barkow

German listed real estate passed €100bn in gross value of managed assets for the first time this year, rising 26%yy to €114bn, only €12bn (...)


German resi permits fall 7% to 257,000 but 600,000 said waiting to be used

German residential building permits fell by 7.0%yy over the first nine months of 2017 to 256,800, though apartments bucked the trend, according to Federal (...)


German listed real estate : Growth Engine for Europe

The previous reasearch notes have shown that relevance of listed real estate has been massively underestimated in Germany due to a lack of comparable (...)


German listed real estate : another year of records - can the trend continue

The past 12 to 14 months have been a period of strong growth for the listed German property sector as numerous new records were (...)


The significance of publicy listed property companies for German Real Estate Markets

Aggregated portfolio data for the publicly listed sector have been unavailable to date. The German  Property Federation (ZIA), Barkow Consulting (BC) and Akselrod Consulting (...)


The signifiance of publicy listed property companies for German Real Estate Markets

Aggregated portfolio data for the publicly listed sector have been unavailable to date. The German Property Federation (ZIA), Barkow Consulting (BC) and Akselrod Consulting (...)