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Otmar Stoecker

Managing Director - Department Head Cover Assets

Jens Tolckmitt

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


German home prices to continue rising but will slow to rental growth - vdp

German house prices are set to continue rising while demand holds strong, but are likely to slow to around the level of rental growth, says the (...)


German property price rises accelerate to 8% in 2018 - Pfandbrief banks

German property price growth across commercial and residential accelerated in 2018 to 8% on average, beating the 6.8% rise in 2017, says the Association of German (...)


German all-property prices slow to 7.3% in 3Q18 – Pfandbrief banks

German property price increases slowed in third quarter to 7.3% against 3Q17, decelerating from 8.3%yy in 2Q18 and 8.8% in 1Q18. But the Pfandbrief bank association sees (...)


German 1Q18 resi prices up 9.2%, CRE 7.4% higher - Pfandbrief banks

German real estate made a dynamic start to the year, with residential prices in the first quarter up 9.2%yy and median commercial real estate values 7.4% (...)


German house price rises to slow from 7% in 2017 - vdp Pfandbrief Banks Ass.

Average German house prices climbed by 6.9% in 2017, accelerating from 6.5% the year before, says the vdp mortgage banks association. They are likely to slow (...)


German city house prices soar 13.7% in 2017, average 6.9% nationwide - vdp

House prices in Germany's seven largest cities accelerated last year to a rate of 13.7%, easily beating the average 6.9% nationwide, says the Pfandbrief bank association. (...)