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French real estate returns 6.6% in 2018, down slightly from 2017 - MSCI

French real estate recorded an overall return of 6.6% in 2018, comprising a rental yield of 4.2% and a capital return of 2.4%, according to index (...)


Paris vs London: who wins the match in the last 30 rounds?

London just beat Paris in office market performance over the last 30 years but is becoming much more volatile, says index provider MSCI. The French capital (...)


French Treasury launches real estate research project

The French Treasury has launched a new commercial real estate research project together with the Louis Bachelier Institute, fund association ASPIM, and iread, an associate firm of the Business Immo group.  The main (...)


France surges ahead on the global stage

Associated for a long time to rigid labor laws and social immobilism that hindered its economy, France elected 39 years old liberal ex-banker Emmanuel Macron, whose new (...)

Health / Senior

Healthcare & Senior Housing: A Gold-Silver Asset Class

Many French investors are now focusing on emerging asset classes aside from mainstream sectors 1) to diversify their portfolio, or either 2) to increase their exposure towards real (...)


Real Estate Snapshot 2017

In this inaugural edition of our Research Snapshot, you will read about topics that are trending across the globe. Is your real estate portfolio resilient enough? (...)


Building Targeted Real Estate Portfolios: How Many Assets to Replicate the Market?

Investors often target certain markets when executing their allocation strategies. However, differences between individual properties and high asset-specific risk mean that holding just one or two (...)


How Resilient are Mutual Funds to the Low Carbon Transition

A confluence of regulatory and non-regulatory factors is driving the adoption of renewable energy and other clean energy technologies globally, while headwinds facing fossil fuels continue (...)


Flood Risk in the U.S.

While some investors may question the implications of climate change on their portfolios, the 2017 U.S. hurricane season left no doubt about the financial costs associated (...)


Global property performance

Global property held directly by private investors delivered a total return of 7.4% in 2016, marking the seventh consecutive year of positive performance since the global (...)


Getting Ahead of the Curve: How Taper 2.0 May Affect Bond Returns

How might the Fed’s plan to reduce its bond-buying program affect returns and risk for Treasurys and mortgage-backed securities? With the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy meeting (...)


Anatomy of Active Portfolios

In constructing portfolios, asset managers, intentionally or otherwise, expose the portfolio to factor tilts that greatly influence fund performance. But many managers may not be aware (...)

HR / Working space

Empowering women in the workplace

In the face of stagnating economic development in Japan, the Japanese government has focused in part on the role of women in the workforce. Women are (...)


Private real estate - Valuation and Sale price comparison

For mainstream financial asset classes, investment performance measurement is based on transaction prices. In contrast, direct real estate is well known for being an illiquid and (...)


Real Estate Market size 2016

Global market size rose in 2016. The size of the professionally managed global real estate investment market grew marginally from $7.1 trillion in 2015 to $7.4 (...)


Are you ready for China A shares?

MSCI’s recent Market Classification Review will result in adding 222 China A shares to the MSCI Emerging Markets and ACWI indexes starting June 2018. While partial (...)


Industrial : Property Income Risk & Performance - Q1 2017

As of Q1 2017, the expiration profile of U.S. leases tracked by MSCI was fairly back loaded with the majority set to expire in 2021 or (...)


Commercial Property Auction Data (cPad) Report - Spring 2017

At nearly £194m, the value of commercial auction market transactions in the February/March auction round was up over 11% on the December 2016 period. The number (...)


Regulatory Easing: Potential Impact on Energy Sector

Using market returns as a starting point, we focus on the U.S. energy sector to better understand how the possibility of regulatory easing could affect sector, (...)


Bridging the gap: Adding factors to passive and active allocations

Asset owners enjoy a growing array of choices in implementing equity factor allocations. In addition to traditional passive and active mandates, single factor, and more recently, (...)


Navigating Central Bank Intervention in corporate bond markets

Since the 2008 financial crisis, major central banks have purchased $9 trillion of bonds in efforts to reinvigorate the global economy. Government guaranteed securities comprise 96% (...)


Listed and Private Real Estate : Putting the pieces back together

A property owned by a listed real estate company, such as a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) or a real estate management and development company, should (...)


CBD Office : Property Income Risk & Performance - Q3 2016

As of 2016 Q3, more than a third of U.S. leases tracked by MSCI were set to expire in less than 40 months. Nearly 60% of (...)


Retail : Property Income Risk & Performance - Q2 2016

As of Q2 2016, nearly half of U.S. commercial leases tracked by MSCI were set to expire within five years. The underlying contracts were concentrated heavily (...)


Benchmarking and analysis through the IPD global quarterly property fund index

While the equity market slowed and the listed real estate market turned negative during the second quarter, the IPD Global Quarterly Property Fund Index (GPFI) posted (...)


Real Estate Market Insight

Global property delivered a total return of 9.9% in 2014, the fifth consecutive year of strong returns since the financial crisis, and the best performance since (...)


Technical notes for global intel market insight

Annualized total return (all property series) is year-over-year in local currency. Arrows indicate momentum in total return from year-ago levels. Upward momentum is a positive shift (...)


Is Real Estate Bond-Like ?

In the short term, real estate’s stable income flows and smooth valuations give some investors the impression of bond-like behavior. But analysis with MSCI’s IPD data (...)


Real Estate Market Size 2014

The professionally managed global real estate market size grew marginally to $7.0 trillion by year-end 2014 from $6.8 trillion at year-end 2013, according to MSCI. Currency (...)


MSCI Liquid Real Estate Indexes

The MSCI USA IMI Liquid Real Estate Index attempts to capture the best of both direct and listed real estate approaches: an investable index with a (...)


The erosion of the Real Estate home bias

The appetite for international exposure across asset classes is demonstrated by surveys conducted by Towers Watson (for equities and bonds) and MSCI (for real estate). This (...)


Indice semestriel IPD des fonds OPCI Professionnels en France - Résultats au 30 juin 2014

L'indice semestriel IPD des fonds OPCI Professionnels en France mesure le rendement global de la valeur des actifs nets des OPCI Professionnels semestriellement. Il s'élève au (...)


Alternative Real Estate Investments in Property Funds

The economic environment of recent years has presented new challenges to real estate funds and investors alike. There has been a concerted move by many funds (...)


The Asset Owner Real Estate Investment Process: Risk management insights from the MSCI/IPD survey

During the final quarter of 2013, MSCI conducted a survey into the asset allocation processes of institutional asset owners, with a particularly close examination of their (...)


Indice semestriel IPD des fonds OPCI en France - Résultats au 31 décembre 2013

L'indice semestriel IPD des fonds OPCI en France mesure le rendement global de la valeur des actifs nets des OPCI semestriellement. Il s'élève au second semestre (...)


Economic and environmental performance - Results as at 31 December 2013

IPD France Annual Green Property Indicators measure, per occupant, environmental (energy, CO2, water, refuse) and economic (total cost of utilisation) performance for green offices. In 2013, green (...)


Multi-National Real Estate Income Risk Analysis

Income is the principal foundation of real estate investment returns. For most markets and over the longer term, the vast majority of the real estate return (...)


Giliberto-Levy Commercial Mortgage Performance Index - Results for the quarter ended December 31, 2012

The Giliberto-Levy Commercial Mortgage Performance Indexsm (GLCMPI) measures the quarterly total return produced by a $191 billion aggregate portfolio of institutional-grade commercial mortgage loans and in (...)


Property valuation in the Nordic Countries

The Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden) have performed rather well in the economic turmoil in recent years. Although the countries differ from each other (...)


Finnish property investments delivered a total return of 6.0% in 2012

The total return on the Finnish property investment market was 6.0% in 2012. Income return was 6.3%. Capital values continued to decline slightly, resulting in a (...)


London West End Office Investment Report - June 2011/2012

IPD and specialist Central London property consultancy, H2SO, have collaborated on the first comprehensive analysis of the investment performance of West End offices. The research analyses (...)


European Hotel Performance Report 2012

This report is the second in a series of annual reports and is produced in association with AXA Real Estate, Invesco Real Estate, HVS and Jones (...)


Uk Lease Events Review Summary

Lease expiries, break clauses, vacancies and defaults are all risks which have to be assessed in evaluating an income stream from commercial real estate. These can (...)


The IPD Solvency II Review

The unprecedented financial crisis which began to unfold in the summer of 2007 precipitated the most widespread and in some ways deepest global recession on record. (...)