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Pierre-Emmanuel Bandioli

Directeur exécutif résidentiel

Amaury Blaire

Directeur de YouFirst Residence

Gaëlle Bonvillain

Responsable de projet informatique

Valérie Britay

Directrice générale adjointe en charge du pôle bureaux

Nicolas Broband

Directeur du pilotage stratégique résidentiel

Pierre-Emmanuel Bandioli

Directeur exécutif résidentiel

Amaury Blaire

Directeur de YouFirst Residence

Gaëlle Bonvillain

Responsable de projet informatique

Valérie Britay

Directrice générale adjointe en charge du pôle bureaux

Nicolas Broband

Directeur du pilotage stratégique résidentiel

Jérôme Brunel

Président du conseil d'administration

Antoine Cadré

Directeur des risques

Joël Chatelet

Responsable développement - Sous-directeur

Olivier Dangreaux

Directeur des systèmes d’information et du digital

Laurence Danon

Administratrice indépendante

Marie de Bressieux

Directrice Key Account Management

Camille de Courson

Responsable commerciale Retail

Carmen De Pablo

Directrice juridique M&A et immobilier

Baudouin Delaporte

Directeur du développement immobilier asset management

Victoria Demazel Martins

Directrice de la marque et de la communication interne - Membre du comité de direction

Glenn Domingues

Directeur des affaires publiques et de la communication Corporate - Membre du comité de direction

Dominique Dudan


Nicolas Dutreuil

Directeur général adjoint en charge des finances

Margaux Émir

Responsable de portefeuille

Jérôme Engelbrecht

Directeur du financement, du business plan et de la finance corporate

Emeric Fagnot

Directeur du développement

Florence Faucheur

Responsable de gestion Grands Ensembles

Anabel Fernandez De La Rosa

Marketing et communications manager - Residential

Sylvain Fortier

Membre du comité d’orientation et de prospective

Gabrielle Gauthey


Claude Gendron


Antoine Geoffroy

Directeur R&D et innovation

Delphine Guibert

Responsable du développement

Christine Harné

Directrice exécutive des ressources humaines - Membre du comité exécutif

Samuel Henry-Diesbach

Directeur de la communication financière

Béatrice Judel

Directrice commerciale du pôle résidentiel

Marie Lalande-Dauger

Directrice exécutive ingénierie et RSE - Membre du comité exécutif

Matthieu Lance


Carole Le Gall


Antoine Le Treut

Directeur des investissements et arbitrages

Amandine Leiba

Directrice de portefeuille

Nicolas Lepigeon

Directeur du contrôle financier, expertise et portfolio management

Caroline Level-Cottard

Directrice adjointe des investissements

Sonia Lieutier

Directrice documentation immobilière et veille juridique

Cyril Mescheriakoff

Directeur exécutif des risques et de l’audit Interne

Sylvain Metz

Compliance Officer - Membres du comité de direction

Armelle Miclo

Responsable des relations presse

Elena Minardi

Directrice en charge de la planification stratégique et des partenariats

Franck Morin

Directeur de portefeuille

Julien Nataf

Directeur juridique M&A et immobilier

Joséphine Neuman

Directrice consolidation et asset management

Beñat Ortega

Directeur général - Administrateur

Inès Reinmann-Toper

Administratrice indépendante

Solenn Rivière

Directrice de la commercialisation

Florence Roussel

Directrice générale de YouFirst Campus - Membre du comité de direction

Juliette Scart

Chargée de mission, direction résidentiel

Sophie Sicourmat Ethève

Directrice de l'audit interne

David Soly

Directeur de la comptabilité groupe, fiscalité et assurances

Virginie Sterling

Chargée de communication financière

Jacques Stern


Edouard Toulemonde

Responsable de commercialisation

Carine Vardi

Responsable politique sociale et engagements

Romain Veber

Executive Director - Investments and Developments

Frédéric Vern

Secrétaire général, en charge de la direction juridique et du secrétariat du conseil

Arnaud Violette

Directeur commercial, Pôle bureau


A first tenant for the High Line building in Montrouge

With a total surface area of 14,000 sqm, the High Line office building will welcome its first tenant in Montrouge this year. According to (...)


Frédéric Auguste leaves Gecina to join CBRE France

According to our information, Frédéric Auguste has joined CBRE France after more than nine years with Gecina. Appointed head of the Asset Advisory department, (...)


"We are not subject to property market cycles"

Business Immo: What is Parella's current positioning? Michaël Kaplan: First of all, we're celebrating our 15th anniversary this year, which is no mean feat. Since (...)


Why are private investors back in the market ?

Beware of misleading figures! There is the €12.8 bn invested in the unmarked property market, according to the figures released today by Knight Frank, (...)


Spanish insurer signs 25-27 Pyramides for almost €50m

Spanish insurance company Santa Lucia Compania de Seguros y Reaseguros SA has acquired 25-27 Pyramides, in the 1st arrondissement of Paris. According to our (...)


While office production remains stable in Greater Paris, new building starts are falling

Between 1 April and 30 September, 23 "small" cranes appeared in the skies above Paris, a real halt after the 54 new building starts (...)


Paris remains an attractive property location... for the time being

Buoyed by the depth and liquidity of its property market, Paris has once again done well in the "Emerging Trends in Real Estate Europe" (...)


In France, the WeWork "crash" raises more questions than answers

It's the end of a success story that began in New York in 2010, under the impetus of Adam Neumann and Miguel McKelvey, the (...)


Gecina attracts a CAC40 company in Paris 17th's Mondo

This is undoubtedly one of the rental transactions of the year. Property company Gecina, which unveiled its financial results for Q3 2023, has pre-marketed (...)


WeWork calls on landlords to renegotiate all its leases

"There is substantial doubt about the company's ability to continue as a going concern." Last month, WeWork had already cast doubt on its future (...)


Views+S study confirms that appraisal values are on a downward trend in France

Yes, property values did fall in the first half of 2023, whatever the asset class. Repricing averaged -3.6 %, according to a study by (...)


Gecina leverages its billion euros to "deliver sustainable outperformance"

Since his appointment as Chief Executive Officer of Gecina in April 2022, Beñat Ortega has not spoken to the media, with the exception of (...)


Only €6.2bn invested in French commercial property since the start of the year

After a sluggish start to the year, the French commercial property investment market has been even less active over the past three months. "At (...)


What's behind Gecina's sale of 101 Champs-Élysées?

Shortly before 7pm on Tuesday evening, Gecina shook off its torpor in a hitherto ankylosed investment market, awaiting a repricing, by issuing a press (...)


Confusion at 101 avenue des Champs-Élysées

A little over two years ago, on May 10, 2021 to be precise, Gecina and LVMH lifted the veil on a « memorandum of (...)


Paris CBD, a district like no other

What is Paris CBD? The question may make you smile, but... Everyone has their own definition of the district, "depending on the underlying real estate," (...)


"2023 will be distinguished by a shock to asset values, a real estate shock"

Business Immo: What is your initial assessment of the SIICs’ 2022 annual results? Stéphanie Dossmann: In France, many REIT/SIICs are exposed to retail. They were (...)


Gecina signs leases at €1,000/sqm/year in Paris CBD

Paris-based REIT/SIIC Gecina says it is "on the attack". "We are trying to define the premium rent in Paris ourselves," commented CEO Beñat Ortega the (...)


Turnover at Paris 8th's 64 Lisbon

At the beginning of July, Gecina stated that it had signed a firm ten-year lease, « based on current prime rents », for the (...)


GCI buys La Défense's Being office building

The Being building, formerly known as Guynemer, is changing ownership in La Défense. Générale Continentale Investissements and its partner Alberta Investment Management Corporation (AIMCo), (...)


Delphine Gebelin appointed Head of Investment & Asset Management at Colliers Global Investors France

Colliers Global Investors France has finalised the evolution of its management and has entrusted Delphine Gebelin with the management of its investment and asset (...)


As a changing of the guard looms, Gecina looks to the future with confidence

As she prepares to hand over to Klépierre's Beñat Ortega after five years at the head of Paris-based REIT/SIIC Gecina, Méka Brunel presented the (...)


Hines France to expand its development activities to two new asset classes

While maintaining a strong commitment to offices, Hines France wants to expand its development activities to logistics and housing in 2022. The company intends (...)


"Savills France continues to diversify from a business a geographical point of view"

Business Immo: The Covid-19 pandemic has had a major impact on property markets over the past two years. What is your assessment of Savills? Boris (...)


Gecina raises a new €500m green bond

Paris-based REIT/SIIC Gecina today successfully placed a new €500m green bond with a maturity of 11 years (due in January 2033) and a coupon of (...)


Gecina continues to fill its buildings in La Défense

On December 30, 2021, Paris-based REIT/SIIC Gecina signed a nine-year lease with Keolis for around 6,000 sqm of the Sunside building, in the La Défense (...)


Klépierre's Beñat Ortega appointed as Gecina’s next CEO

Gecina’s board of directors, chaired by Jérôme Brunel, met on December 10, 2021 and unanimously decided to appoint Beñat Ortega as the Paris-based REIT/SIIC's next (...)


La Défense: Gecina rents 4,000 sqm in the Adamas building

Gecina has announced the signing of a 9-year lease for a surface area of more than 4,000 sqm in the Adamas building in Courbevoie, with (...)


Three projects for the Champs-Élysées shopping malls

The Galerie du 66 Champs-Élysées wants to turn the page. It is an understatement to say that this passageway between the avenue and the (...)


Paris risks a shortage of new offices as soon as 2023 - Arthur Loyd

If the end of 2020 had seen the volume of future new office supply increase significantly in barely six months, the upturn in the (...)


Gecina reassured in its strategic choices

Reassured by the like-for-like growth of its rental income in the first half of 2021, both in offices (+0.4%) and traditional housing (+1.1%), Gecina (...)


Mipim expects 5,000 visitors in September in Cannes

According to our sources, for its September 7 and 8 edition, French real estate fair Mipim will receive no less than 5,000 visitors. A (...)


International investors back with a bang at Mipim September Edition

With two months to go before the opening of the Mipim September Edition, the teams at RX France (formerly Reed Midem) can be reassured. (...)


Gecina pre-lets 6,400 sqm in Paris 13th's Biopark building

REIT/SIIC Gecina has let 6,400 sqm to a group of leading biotechnology, digital and health companies in its Biopark building located in Paris’ 13th arrondissement. The firm nine-year (...)


Conversion of offices into housing: a phenomenon for the future? - Knight Frank

The movement to convert offices into housing, which began in the early 1990s, has so far remained fairly limited and polarised in the capital. (...)


Gecina to sell office assets for nearly €350m

Gecina has completed or secured three new disposals of mature and/or non-strategic office assets located in Arcueil, Levallois-Perret, and Montreuil, for a total amount of (...)


Paris-based Gecina leases the "Montrouge Porte Sud" building off-plan to Edenred France

Gecina has signed a new lease with Edenred France for a fixed term of 9 years on the entire Montrouge Porte Sud building, located (...)


Gecina and Louis Vuitton commit to a new 18-year lease on 101 Champs-Elysées

On the corner of Avenue George V and Avenue des Champs-Elysées, this iconic building from Gecina’s portfolio has been home to the Parisian flagship (...)


Gecina and Woodeum join forces to develop 1,000 low-carbon wooden homes in France

To meet the need for rental housing in tense areas, France’s Gecina and Woodeum have signed a partnership agreement to develop 1,000 low-carbon, wood-structured (...)


Gecina wants to transform 100% of its bonds into Green Bonds

Following on from the announcement of CAN0P-2030, its Carbon Net Zero Plan with a target for its operational portfolio to be carbon neutral by (...)


Are SIICs inoculated against Covid-19? - iread

Stock market performance: glass half empty... Despite the vertiginous fall in share prices experienced by the entire stock market as soon as the health crisis (...)


Gecina markets more than 6,500 sqm in La Défense and Boulogne-Billancourt

Gecina has just finalised the lease of more than 6,500 sqm in the Carré Michelet and Anthos buildings, located in La Défense and Boulogne-Billancourt (...)


After a year of resilience, Gecina enters a year of transition

"The resilience of our model and the centrality of our portfolio have enabled us to cope with the shock of the health crisis. "This is how (...)


Gecina rents 11,600 sqm in in La Défense's "Carré Michelet"

Paris-based Gecina signs a lease for a 11,600 sqm surface area with a major consultancy group in the Carré Michelet building in La Défense, to (...)


Paris-based Gecina sells a mixed portfolio of 16 "non-strategic" assets for €54.6m

French REIT/SIIC Gecina has sold a mixed portfolio of 16 non-strategic assets to two funds managed by Keys REIM, the portfolio management company of the Keys (...)


Paris-based Gecina sets up three new responsible credit lines for €350m

French REIT/SIIC Gecina has finalised the implementation of three new responsible credit lines whose financial terms are indexed to CSR performance, for a cumulative amount of (...)


Gecina finalises the sale of five assets for €112m near Paris

Gecina has announced it has completed the sale of five office buildings outside Paris, representing a total of more than 25,000 sqm for nearly (...)


JLL launches "Serviced Office", a flexible real estate office rental solution

While the Covid-19 crisis is creating uncertainty for companies and investors, JLL offers Serviced Office, a flexible real estate solution to meet today's office (...)


Gecina successfully raises €400m on the bond market

Gecina has today successfully raised €400m through the matching of the two bond issues, with an average maturity of 10.1 years and an average (...)


Gecina raises its objectives for 2020

Observing in its Q3 2020 results an "improvement in the group's visibility in the context of a disrupted year 2020" as well as a (...)


Gecina and Nexity partner to develop 4,000 new housing units in France

Paris-based REIT/SIIC Gecina and French listed real estate company Nexity have announced they have signed a partnership to develop 4,000 new housing units over four years (...)


Fifth Wall banks on European PropTech

American venture capital firm Fifth Wall Ventures, launched in 2016, has become the largest investor dedicated to PropTech in the United States, with more (...)


Welcome at Work! finances its growth with a first round of financing

While some players in the real estate industry are feeling the full impact of the health and economic crisis, for others it's quite the (...)


France wins four Mipim Awards once again

Having been forced to be patient by the Covid-19 epidemic, the winners of the Mipim Awards 2020 were finally chosen during Paris Real Estate (...)


Allianz buys Boulogne-Billancourt’s City 1 and City 3 towers for €500m

According to BI sources, Paris-based insurance group BNP Paribas Cardif has sold the City 1 and City 3 towers, part of the CityLights complex in (...)


Méka Brunel becomes the first woman president of EPRA

The European Public Real Estate Association (EPRA) has announced that Méka Brunel, Managing Director of Gecina, is taking over the presidency of the professional body (...)


Gecina anticipates 2020 results close to its initial guidance

While some listed real estate companies were heavily impacted by the Covid-19 epidemic, Paris-based REIT/SIIC Gecina was able to limit the damage in H1 (...)


Goldman Sachs to make 83 Marceau its future Paris headquarters

Despite the context of the health crisis, rental negotiations are continuing for prime office assets in the Paris CBD. According to BI sources, the real (...)


Gecina gross rental income up 2.4% for 1Q20

Paris-based REIT/SIIC Gecina reported gross rental income €168.1m for 1Q20, up 2.4% on a current basis and 3.7% like-for-like. This performance primarily reflects the impact (...)


French REIT/SIIC Gecina sells 3,900 sqm office building in Boulogne-Billancourt for €36.6m

French REIT/SIIC Gecina has finalised the sale of 54/56 avenue du Général-Leclerc, in Paris’ suburb Boulogne-Billancourt, for €36.6m. The fully occupied 3,900 sqm multi-tenant office (...)


Primonial REIM pays €216m for Le Valmy building near Paris

Paris-based Primonial REIM has acquired from French REIT/SIIC Gecina the Le Valmy office building on behalf of its SCPI  fund Primopierre. The 29,000 sqm 7-floors office asset, (...)


With capital overflowing, where can CRE investors find returns?

Annual global private real estate fundraising exceeded $150bn for the first time in 2019, according to a recent study by London-based research firm Preqin, (...)


Thibault Ancely to head Tristan Capital Partners in France

Originally, Thibault Ancely, 42, was to join WeWork's French teams last fall. But, according to BI sources, the former executive director of investments and (...)


Mipim Awards 2020: France leads the way with eight nominations

The finalists for the Mipim Awards 2020 have been unveiled and France comes first with eight projects presented in Cannes, compared to five from (...)


French Gecina to spin off €3bn residential to allow unit to open capital

Giant French REIT/SIIC Gecina is to spin off of its 6,000-unit residential portfolio worth €3bn to allow, at the appropriate moment, this subsidiary to (...)


Gecina to sell Montrouge Park Azur complex to La Française for €185m

Gecina, one of France's largest REIT/SIICs, has signed a €185m agreement to sell the Park Azur building in the southern Paris suburb of Montrouge (...)


French Gecina, in asset rejig, adds Paris office for €306m, sells for €238m

In a further portfolio rejig, French REIT Gecina is buying the 34,000 sqm Carreau de Neuilly building in Paris for €306m and selling two (...)


French Gecina finalises €181m hotel sale with Angelo Gordon, EQ Group

Paris-based REIT/SIIC Gecina has finalised the sale of a French hotel portfolio to Angelo Gordon and the EQ Group, based on a valuation of (...)


France's Gecina, BNP Paribas RE drop bid to build Paris 2024 Olympic village

French REIT/SIIC Gecina and BNP Paribas Real Estate are dropping their joint bid to construct the future athletes' village for the Paris 2024 Olympics. The (...)


French Gecina raises 'green' loans to €910m, 20% of total bank debt

French REIT/SIIC Gecina has finalised three new 'green' loan agreements with BNP Paribas, Natixis and Société Générale for €660m, taking such financing to €910m (...)


Meka Brunel: Guiding France's Gecina in a world of real estate undergoing huge transformation

Of course, the half-yearly results of French Gecina are good, very good, says CEO Meka Brunel; this, in a world of real estate going through a singular (...)


Former Norwegian sovereign fund executive Veber joins French REIT Gecina

Giant French REIT Gecina has appointed former Norwegian sovereign fund manager Romain Veber to a leading post in investment and development. Starting on 1 November, Veber will become a (...)


France's Gecina reports 1H return at 11.4%, EPRA NAV up at €169.8 shr

French REIT/SIIC Gecina reported an 11.4%yy total return in the first half, with appraisal values lifting 3.9% like-for-like, taking EPRA net asset value up 8% to €169.8 per (...)


Fifth Wall opens up to Europe with $503m PropTech focused Fund II

Fifth Wall, a PropTech focused American venture capital firm, announced today the close of its second real estate technology fund, a $503m vehicle with (...)


Sweden's Castellum joins pan-European REIT innovation, CSR think tank

Swedish listed Castellum has joined the sustainability and innovation think tank created in 2017 by alstria, COIMA RES, Colonial, Gecina, Great Portland Estates and (...)


French Gecina sells hotel portfolio to Angelo Gordon for €181m

Giant French REIT/SIIC Gecina is selling its entire hotel portfolio comprising five assets to US-based manager Angelo Gordon at a valuation of €181m. The portfolio, acquired as (...)


Paris REIT Gecina places 15yr €500m bond issue at 1.625% to buy back notes

Paris office and housing REIT Gecina has placed a €500m bond issue with a 15-year maturity at 1.625% and launched a tender offer on (...)


French Gecina starts electronic signatures with YouSign

Giant French REIT/SIIC Gecina is introducing electronic lease signatures in partnership with start-up YouSign, extending it to all owned housing and student residences. Thanks to the electronic signing (...)


France selects Athletes' Village developers for 2024 Paris Olympics

France has selected the companies which will be assigned to develop the Athletes' Village for the 2024 Paris Olympics and Paralympics. The infrastructure is planned (...)


Hamburg student housing developer, Moscow project among 2019 MIPIM award winners

A Hamburg student housing firm working with wood, a Moscow concert park project, France's Altarea Cogedim, and Frankfurt's old town redevelopment were among MIPIM (...)


Offices still preferred working space despite tech - European REITs

Technology may allow workers to operate anywhere, but more than ever physical offices are the working environments of choice, says a new report by (...)


Spain’s Metrovacesa to pay dividend ahead of plan after strong 2018 revenues

Spanish listed housing developer Metrovacesa is to distribute a dividend for 2018 ahead of plan after revenues surged to €201m and despite a net (...)


French Gecina grows 2018 net 20% to €437m, 9% per shr; outlook still strong

French REIT Gecina grew recurrent net income by 20% to €437.2m in 2018 and by 9% per share, and is proposing a dividend rise (...)


France's Simi 2018 trade fair marks dawn of a new era

A few hours after the clapper board sounded the end of the 2018 edition of Simi, the French real estate community's annual trade fair, (...)


US WeWork to open fifth Paris co-working space in Gecina building

US co-working giant WeWork will on 12 December officially open its fifth Paris location at 198 avenue de France in the 13th quarter, especially utilising the larger floor (...)


French Gecina wins €55m damages for unlawful actions of fmr CEO Rivero

Paris office and residential REIT/SIIC Gecina is to receive more than €55m for damages caused by the unlawful actions of Joaquín Rivero, its Spanish (...)


Spain's Metrovacesa launches €400m housing project in Palma de Mallorca

Spanish listed residential developer Metrovacesa is to invest €400m in a new housing neighbourhood in Palma, capital of the vacation island of Mallorca, which will offer (...)


Gecina strengthens Paris focus, closing €525m regional office disposal

French REIT/SIIC Gecina has strengthened its focus on the Paris region with the closing of the €525m sale of regional office buildings, part of a number (...)


French Gecina closes €266m sale of Lyon offices to Primonial REIM

Paris office and residential REIT/SIIC Gecina has finalised a €266m sale of nine office buildings in Lyon to investment manager Primonial REIM. The sale, which follows a preliminary agreement (...)


Spain’s Colonial looks forward to organic growth after busy 2018

Spanish office REIT/SOCIMI Colonial, after a takeover and a readjustment of capital this year, is looking ahead to delivering organic growth with a rise (...)


Co-working here to stay but unlikely to dominate office lettings - EPRA

Co-working space offered by firms such as WeWork should be included in office investor strategies and while it is unlikely to dominate letting demand it serves (...)


French REIT/SIIC Gecina forms strategy for resi assets, now worth €3.2bn

Giant French REIT/SIIC Gecina has devised a value strategy for its residential assets, which, at €3.2bn out of a €20bn portfolio, have become a (...)


French Gecina 1H net up 51%yy at €230m, expects 8% shr rise for full year

Paris office REIT/SIIC Gecina now expects recurrent net income growth of over 8% per share for 2018 after it boosted the total by 51%yy (...)


Paris Gecina signs €775m office sales to help cut LTV below 40%

Paris office REIT/SIIC Gecina has signed €775m in sales pledges for buildings outside Paris acquired in the takeover of Eurosic which, once closed by year end, (...)


Housing: A third pillar is possible - residential property companies

As the first reading of the ELAN housing bill comes to an end in the French National Assembly, it is clear that France needs a (...)

Health / Senior

MIPIM BLOG Day 3: The Awards – for the ‘creative art’ of real estate in Europe

Live from MIPIM (Cannes) - Day Three-Thursday: Despite the driving rain in Cannes, even more evidence that the scope of European opportunities is widening, yes, and (...)


Norway's Pension Fund ends 2017 with 3.4% of €881bn AUM property exposure

Norway's Government Pension Fund Global held 2.6% of its €881bn assets in unlisted real estate at end-2017 which produced a return of 7.5% - (...)


Canada’s Ivanhoé Cambridge cuts stake in French Gecina to 15.4%

Ivanhoé Cambridge, the real estate investment arm of Quebec-based pension fund manager CDPQ, has trimmed its holding in French office REIT/SIIC Gecina by 4.28% via a (...)


French Gecina raises 2017 net by 4.6%, NAV by 19%; says Michel is stepping down

French office REIT/SIIC Gecina raised net income by 4.6% in 2017, adding nearly 19% to net asset value to take it to €152.9 per (...)


Shares in Spanish housing firm Metrovacesa slip below last week's IPO price

Shares in Madrid-based residential developer Metrovacesa, one of the biggest casualties of Spain's recent recession, fell in trading Monday to €15.27, below its IPO price (...)