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Christophe Bacqué

Président d'Emerige Résidentiel

Philippe Bellan

Associé - Directeur administratif et financier

Sabine Benaiche

Associé - Directrice juridique

Jean-Charles Benayoun

Directeur marketing & communication

Yann Bloch

Directeur général Emerige tertiaire et international

Romain Boudot

Responsable du développement immobilier

Achille Cahen-Salvador

Directeur opérationnel

Sébastien Cossard

Directeur central pôle immobilier d'entreprise

Paul Cugnet

Responsable développement / Montage immobilier d'entreprise

Laurent Dumas

Président du conseil de surveillance

Christine Padovani

Associé - Directrice acquisitions

Caroline Stepniewski

Directrice des ressources humaines adjointe

Ivana Stojanovic

Responsable développement, montage et commercialisation pôle immobilier d'entreprise

Damien Suschetet

Directeur de programmes adjoint

Pierre Tisseuil

Fund manager

Arthur Toscan Du Plantier

Directeur de la stratégie

Auguste Victor

Directeur délégué au développement Emerige Résidentiel

Daniel Wagensberg

Responsable du reporting investisseurs


J.P. Morgan Asset Management buys 167 housing units from Emerige

A fund advised by J.P. Morgan Asset Management has acquired three residential properties in the Greater Paris area, two of which are being developed (...)


CDC's move to Ivry-Sur-Seine put on hold

Last November, CDC's move to Ivry-Sur-Seine was put on hold after acquiring a 50 000 m² property complex in Ivry-sur-Seine from Emerige. The Caisse (...)


A wind of optimism blows in the real estate industry (EY/Palladio/Business Immo)

At a time when industry is regaining favour with political decision-makers, the real estate and urban sector can claim to be the leading industrial (...)


CDC Investissement Immobilier acquires 50,000 sqm of office space near Paris

Emerige and CDC Investissement Immobilier, part of French state-controlled financial institution Caisse des depots, have announced the signature of an off-plan sale for two office buildings totalling 50,000 (...)


CDC Investissement Immobilier and BNP Paribas Cardif acquire near 297 flats in Courbevoie

Emerige, Interconstruction and Brownfields have sold 297 housing units in Courbevoie to CDC Investissement Immobilier (50 %), on behalf of Caisse des Dépôts, and (...)


La Banque Postale AM chooses Nuveen's Morland Mixité Capitale for its future Paris headquarters

  Emerige, representing the SPNA and Nuveen, owner of the tertiary complex, announce the signing of their first lease with La Banque Postale Asset Management (...)


France's BNP Paribas Real Estate is transforming its CRE development processes

French BNP Paribas’s Real Estate's Development division ended 2019 on a high note, with disposals in the last quarter exceeding €1bn. However, the Group (...)


Allianz pays €416m for two joint venture Paris office developments

Germany-based Allianz Real Estate has acquired two manage-to-core office developments in Saint-Ouen, Paris, with a total value of €415.6m on behalf of several group (...)


French Keys Asset Management 2.0 rocket ready for takeoff

The duo Pierre Mattei and Cyril Garreau has already set course .. for 2024. Their Paris-based Keys Asset Management, founded in 2011, has hit (...)


Why is Eurazeo Patrimoine entering the capital of Emerige?

Business Immo: Why is Eurazeo Patrimoine entering the capital of Emerige? Renaud Haberkorn: We are entering the capital of Emerige due to three strong convictions. First of all, the (...)


Paris's Eurazeo takes 44% stake in French developer Emerige

French private equity group Eurazeo has acquired 44% of one of the nation's leading property developers Emerige, with founder Laurent Dumas retaining a majority stake. No financial details (...)