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Sebastien Berden

Head of Health Care Business Line

Yeliz Bicici

Head of Development

Gunther De Backer

Head of external communication and investor relations

Kenneth De Kegel

Communication and Shareholder Officer

Jean-Pierre Hanin

Chief Executive Officer - Managing Director

Jean Kotarakos

Directeur financier

Jeremy Lecomte

Real Estate Analyst

Françoise Roels

Secretary general & group Counsel

Danielle Scherens

Corporate Communication Officer at Cofinimmo

Jacques Van Rijckevorsel

Chairman of the Board of Directors


Belgian Cofinimmo signs to sell AXA building in Brussels for €50m

Belgian REIT/RREC Cofinimmo has signed to sell the Souverain/Vorst 23/25 office building in Brussels, widely known as the AXA building, for €50m.  The company gave no (...)


Belgian REIT Cofinimmo 1H net rises to €75m, focus firmly on healthcare

Belgian REIT Cofinimmo first half net profit rose to €75m from €68m in June 2018, and said its focus this year has been on healthcare real (...)


Cofinimmo calls €50m Brussels Souverain/Vorst office sale a milestone

Belgian REIT Cofinimmo, in what its CEO described as a milestone, has signed an agreement to sell the Souverain/Vorst 23-25 office buildings in Brussels for (...)


Belgian Cofinimmo's second care homes buy for €148m takes acquisitions to €300m

In a second deal via payment in kind, Belgian Cofinimmo has added seven more domestic care homes worth €148.1m, taking total investment announced Wednesday to almost (...)


Cofinimmo adds Belgian care homes worth €149m, keeps shares suspended

Brussels' listed Cofinimmo is adding eight domestic care homes worth €149m via payment in kind, and said it will keep shares suspended pending another announcement today. The (...)


Belgian Cofinimmo boosts net core profit to €145m in 2018

Belgian REIT Cofinimmo increased net profit from core activities to €145m group share in 2018 from €139m in 2017, and said it invested at three times (...)


Belgium's Cofinimmo boosts 1H net to €98m, confirms 2018 dividend

Belgian REIT Cofinimmo reported net profit group share of €98m for the first half, sharply higher than €65m in 1H17, though its core activity (...)

Health / Senior

Belgian REIT Cofinimmo pays €172m for 17 German care homes at 5.5%

Belgian REIT Cofinimmo said it has signed to acquire 17 German nursing and care homes for €172m in a deal done at an initial gross rental (...)


Belgian REIT Cofinimmo 2017 net rises to €139m, appoints Hanin as new MD

Belgian REIT Cofinimmo, the nation's largest listed property company, raised net result by 3.6% to €139.1m in 2017 though the result per share climbed more (...)