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Oaktree, Paris Inn Group and Maison Albar Hotels to create a hotel investment structure

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France’s hospitality sector hit hard by the pandemic’s 2nd wave - Extendam

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The hoteliers who were apprehensive about the end of the holidays and a complicated start to the new year were right. According to the (...)


France’s Banque des Territoires will devote €1bn to boosting inner-city retail

The report from France’s Banque des Territoires on inner-city retail is gloomy. Some 80,000 establishments in medium-sized towns are heavily impacted by the Covid-19-related (...)


Welcome at Work! finances its growth with a first round of financing

While some players in the real estate industry are feeling the full impact of the health and economic crisis, for others it's quite the (...)


Through a €26bn recovery plan, French state’s CDC to support housing and retail

Presenting this morning its recovery plan, built during the Covid-19 related lockdown, French state financial institution Caisse des Dépots et Consignation (CDC) announced the (...)


French state's CdC posts 2018 earnings largely unchanged at €3.3bn

After a year marked by introduction of a new strategic plan, French state financial institution CdC reported aggregated earnings for last year of €3.3bn, (...)