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Pimco Prime Real Estate (PIMCO PRE)

Asset management / Investment fund - Investor

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Hassène Aksil

Directeur des acquisitions

Laetitia Archambault

Directrice Asset Management France et Pays-Bas

David Berquez-Halley

Directeur du département commercial et arbitrage

Charles Blandignères

Project Manager, Pimco Prime Real Estate West Europe -

Christophe Bouillon

Directeur des opérations

Virginie Bouthillon de La Serve

Deputy Head, Commercial Real Estate Lending Europe, French Hub

Hugues Braconnier

Head of Logistics

Bruno Cardoso Da Costa

Senior Asset Manager - Team Head

Hélène Courault

Directrice des relations investisseurs Europe de l'Ouest

Julien Daclin

Team Head of Building Technology

Jean-Claude Dendievel

Directeur maîtrise d'ouvrage

Bruno Dord

Head of Real Estate Financings, Paris Hub

Michel Dupuy

Head of Retail

Roland Fuchs

Head of European Real Estate Finance

Elsie Fuvel

Head of Portfolio and Risk Management, Western Europe

Alexander Gebauer

Chief Executive Officer for West Europe

Grigor Hadjiev

Directeur maitrise d'ouvrage ESG et innovation

Julia Marciano

Head of Loan Asset Manager

Florence Mebrouk

Senior Debt Origination

Olivier Morel

Head of HR Pimco Prime Real Estate West Europe

Joanna Powazka

Senior Asset Manager - Team Head Retail & Office

Olivier Téran

Chief Investment Officer

François Trausch

Président du directoire - Président du comité exécutif - Chief Executive Officer - Chief Investment Officer

Marc Vetillard

Head of Marketing and Communications West Europe

Megan Walters

Global Head of Research


Sébastien Chemouny, new Managing Director of Ofi Invest Real Estate

The real estate asset manager of the Ofi Invest group has recruited Sébastien Chemouny as managing director, alongside Laurence Dumas, president. He was previously (...)


Allianz Trade takes over La Défense's Inspire building

Designed by the architectural firm Béchu & Associés and built by BNP Paribas Immobilier Promotion, the 22,300 sqm Inspire building has been acquired by Allianz (...)


Mipim 2023: towards record participation and a series of transformations

"Record attendance". This is what Mipim, the world's largest event dedicated to real estate and cities, is expecting less than three weeks before it (...)


Allianz Real Estate to be rebranded

Following the merger of Pimco and Allianz Real Estate, in October 2020, the group's full range of real estate capabilities will come under the (...)


Former Libération HQ goes off-market as part of Mark and Eternam's estate

Pan-European real estate investment manager Mark, in a joint-venture with Eternam, has acquired through its Paris value-add fund, Mark Paris Urban Regeneration Fund (MPUR), (...)


Allianz and ABN Amro refinance a logistics portfolio developed by Intospace in the Netherlands

Allianz Real Estate, acting on behalf of a number of Allianz Group companies, has provided 90% of a €301m seven-year refinancing facility to Intospace (...)


Paris 8th : Pershing Hall lands in the portfolio of Allianz Real Estate

Allianz Real Estate, acting on behalf of several Allianz Group companies, has acquired Pershing Hall, a historic mixed-use asset located in the 8th arrondissement (...)


Allianz Real Estate takes over 29,000 sqm office complex in Barcelona in off-market deal

Allianz Real Estate, acting on behalf of several Allianz Group companies, has acquired a new Leed Platinum and Well Gold certified 29,000 sqm office (...)


Apsys finances its Neyrpic project with a €147m green loan from Allianz Real Estate

Apsys has announced that it has financed Neyrpic, its project to transform an industrial wasteland into a 50,000 sqm mixed-use property development in Saint-Martin-d'Hères, near (...)


Allianz Real Estate lends €466m to refinance a retail portfolio

Allianz Real Estate has lent €466m on a long-term basis to a consortium of borrowers to refinance a portfolio of retail properties in Europe. (...)


La Défense : ULI France puts young people at the heart

Behind him, the glass facade of an office building hides half the Singapore sky. From the heights of the Marina Bay business district, the (...)


Allianz and BNP Paribas Real Estate grant €185m to Icawood

Allianz Real Estate, acting on behalf of several Allianz Group companies, has granted 78% of a €185m loan alongside BNP Paribas Real Estate to (...)


Cromwell appoints new Head of Investment in France

Real estate investor and manager Cromwell Property Group has announced the appointment of Lionel Naturkrejt as Head of Investment in France. He will be (...)


Tishman Speyer buys BETC's 19,300 sqm HQ in Pantin for €135m

Les Magasins Généraux in the Paris suburb of Pantin - a massive office building and BETC's headquarters since 2016, along the Ourcq canal - (...)


Hammerson continues to dispose of assets in France

With or without the health crisis, Hammerson is continuing its programme of disposals of French shopping centres deemed non-strategic. On the announcement of its (...)


AEW raises €475m in the first closing of its new Ullis fund

AEW has announced the launch of "Ullis", a new platform dedicated to logistics and business parks in urban areas. With a €475m initial capital, (...)


J.P. Morgan and Altarea take over 14,000 sqm of office space from BNP Paribas in Paris CBD

The BNP Paribas banking group is accelerating the sale of its Paris buildings. The latest example to date: J.P. Morgan Global Alternatives and Altarea (...)


Allianz sells Paris 8th's 16 avenue George V to French insurance group MACSF

This is undoubtedly one of the most attractive investment deals of early 2021: French insurance group MACSF has acquired the CBD complex located at (...)


CNP Assurances buys Lazard’s Paris 8th 11,000 sqm HQ for €327m

French insurance group CNP Assurances has acquired acquiring from Invesco Real Estate an 11,000 sqm office building located at 173-175 boulevard Haussmann, in the (...)


Invesco Real Estate buys Paris 8th’s 6-12 rue du Faubourg-Saint-Honoré for €270m

The health and economic crisis does not (yet) seem to have had an impact on high street retail investment in Paris. Invesco Real Estate, (...)


"The French market remains an important pillar of Allianz's global portfolio"

Business Immo: Allianz Real Estate has just signed the acquisition of two of the three Citylights towers in Boulogne-Billancourt – one of the largest commercial real (...)


Allianz buys Boulogne-Billancourt’s City 1 and City 3 towers for €500m

According to BI sources, Paris-based insurance group BNP Paribas Cardif has sold the City 1 and City 3 towers, part of the CityLights complex in (...)


"I want to connect my term to the major underlying trends driving the real estate industry."

Business Immo: You have been active within ULI France for several years. Why this involvement? Sébastien Chemouny: I have been working for Allianz for ten (...)


Immobel Executive Chairman Marnix Galle appointed as ULI Europe Chairman

Marnix Galle, executive chairman of Belgian developer, Immobel, has been appointed as ULI Europe Chairman. Succeeding Juergen Fenk, member of the executive board, SIGNA (...)


Sébastien Chemouny appointed as Chair of ULI France

Sébastien Chemouny, Head of France at Allianz Real Estate, has been appointed as the next Chair of ULI France. His two-year term, which is (...)


France’s Icawood, WO2 and BNP PRE raise €650m to launch Nanterre's 126,000 sqm Arboretum campus

Icawood, a fund launched by Icamap and Ivanhoe Cambridge, WO2 and BNP Paribas Real Estate announced today that they have raised €650m for the (...)


Allianz pays €416m for two joint venture Paris office developments

Germany-based Allianz Real Estate has acquired two manage-to-core office developments in Saint-Ouen, Paris, with a total value of €415.6m on behalf of several group (...)


“This partnership illustrates our ability to meet daily needs”

Business Immo: WeMaintain, through BNP Paribas REPM France, has been chosen to manage all Allianz RE's real estate elevators in the Île-de-France region. Why and how was (...)


Belgian AG Real Estate says French logistics sale done for €200m

Belgium's AG Real Estate said the sale of a large package of logistics properties in France to Allianz Real Estate and AEW was done (...)


Allianz RE expands footprint in France to take total portfolio exposure to €6.6bn

Allianz Real Estate has expanded its logistics footprint in France, adding a core portfolio from Belgium's AG Real Estate alongside AEW, and taking its (...)


RFR, Signa jointly acquire Frankfurt, Rotterdam portfolio from Allianz

Two of Europe's most powerful private real estate groups, Austria's Signa and New York-based RFR are jointly acquiring a top-end office/retail portfolio from Allianz (...)


French Apsys wins €300m 10yr Allianz senior loan to refinance Poznan mall

French shopping centre group Apsys has won a €300m 10-year senior loan from Allianz to refinance its Polish shopping centre Posnania in Poznan, taking ownership up to 100%. "The completion of this (...)


Allianz RE, already at record €67bn AUM, sets sights on €100bn by 2024

Allianz Real Estate, part of the Munich insurer, is targeting €100bn AUM by 2024, up from a record €67.1bn now, achieved by diversification across (...)


A watershed moment benefiting French regions

Watershed moments are difficult to pick. But the one we are passing through in European real estate is benefiting regional cities, with France right (...)


Allianz RE takes debt fund to €1.5bn with €230m sole refinancing of Berlin's Gropius Passage

With a further sole-lender refinancing for the Gropius Passagen mall in Berlin for €230m, Allianz Real Estate has taken its newly launched Luxembourg debt fund to (...)


Allianz Real Estate partners with Radisson to develop Milan hotel

Allianz Real Estate is partnering with the Radisson hotel group to redevelop office space it owns in Milan into a Radisson Collection Hotel Santa (...)


Allianz pays €83m to acquire 19,275 sqm Tortona 33 towers in Milan

Allianz Real Estate has paid €83m to acquire the 19,275 sqm landmark Tortona 33 in Milan, a multi-tenant, prime office complex consisting of two adjacent towers. Seller (...)


INREV premieres two new indices at asset, fund level to improve transparency

The European non-listed real estate association INREV is launching two new indices, an asset and a fund level index to give managers greater depth (...)


Italy's Generali aims to grow €30bn property AUM, 3rd-party funds - Mazzocco

Italy's Generali Real Estate aims to add €5bn to its €30bn in property assets over the next three years while significantly growing its fund (...)


Allianz RE in €190m forward buy of Munich Atlas office renovation

Allianz Real Estate, a unit of the giant Munich insurer, has made a €190m forward purchase of the 26,000 sqm Atlas office building renovation (...)


Western Europe: the good pupil in debt collection

Euler Hermes’ “2018 Collection Complexity Score and Rating” aims at measuring the level of complexity relating to international debt collection procedures within each of (...)


Risk Barometer 2018: Business interruption and cyber incidents dominate risk landscape in 2018

Business interruption and cyber incidents interlink as the major threat for companies through 2018 and beyond, according to the insight of 1,911 risk experts (...)


Game of Trade : Unbowed, unbent, unbroken?

Mithradatesthe Great ruled from 120–63 BC. A great military leader, a brave warrior, and a cunning politician, he was one of the fewseriousthreatsto Roman (...)


Allianz Global Wealth Report: Recovery in turbulent times

It’s ten years since the eruption of the major financial crisis that almost caused the global financial system to collapse. What lessons have savers (...)


ECB: A secret tapering recipe?

The ECB has to make a move towards normalization. Soft tapering - though not our own core scenario - is an option. It consists (...)


Economic Insight : Will the Chinese consumer save the World?

The US represents the largest final consumer market with nearly 30% of global household consumption. As it contemplates more protectionist policies, the world may (...)


Economic Insight: Politics and markets will reconnect

Most indicators of both international and domestic political risk have been on an upward trend for several years. In addition to this undisputable trend, (...)


Global insurance markets - Current status and outlook up to 2027

After the lean years of the financial and economic crisis, insurers can now look ahead with a renewed sense of confidence: whereas in the (...)


Allianz Climate and Energy Monitor 2017

2016 was a year of impressive solar photovoltaic (PV) installations in the G20. On average, G20 countries installed 50% more solar PV last year (...)


Retail, Disrupted, Pressure and Potential in the Digital Age

Connected, segmented, cross-channeled, omni-channeled, seamless, automated and optimized. Whatever the adjective,whatever the angle, all of these seem to boil down to the one meta-buzzword (...)


Deep Dive : What do current policy developments in China, India and the US mean for investing in renewables?

The Paris Agreement sets an ambitious goal to limit global average temperature increase to well below 2°C and pursue efforts to limit it to (...)


Sustainability Report 2016 : Embracing the future

Insurers are tied by the nature of their business to healthy and sustainable developments in society. We can and must be a force for (...)


The Taming of the Brexit

The withdrawal notification sent by the UK government to the European Council on March 29th triggered the two-year countdown specified by Art. 50. As (...)


Allianz Climate and Energy Monitor 2016

Consistency with the Paris Agreement, negotiated by 195 countries at the end of 2015, would require a full decarbonization of the global economy before (...)


The megacity state: The world’s biggest cities shaping our future

November 30, 2030, late autumn morning: Who hasn’t wondered how life will be in the future. Imagine you live in a modern megalopolis, with (...)