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Robert Davis

Directeur opérationnel de GFM

Simon Evans

Director Construction, Development Investment Management

Fenella Gentleman

Directrice de la communication

Jonathan Lane

Chairman of the Grosvenor Europe board

Graham Parry

Group research director

Olivier Piani

Troisième administrateur externe non exécutif (NED) du conseil européen

Mark Preston

Group Chief Executive Grosvenor Group

James Raynor

Chief Executive Officer of Grosvenor Europe

Jeffrey Weingarten

Directeur de Grosvenor Fund Management (GFM)


Cycle toppish but new strategies, climate, tech are focus at ULI Europe

The property cycle is at or near the top, most ULI Europe attendees think. But gloom is not rife. Time to adjust strategies, assess wider climate, (...)


Euro RE unlikely to face sharp downturn but other challenges - ULI conference

The European property industry is unlikely to suffer a sharp downturn despite the late cycle but faces other challenges such as digitisation, and environmental, social and (...)


Portuguese Sonae, Slovakian Korbačka in €485m Spanish malls buy

Portuguese retail group Sonae Sierra and Slovakian J&T group's Peter Korbačka are reported to have agreed to pay €485m for three Spanish malls developed by Sonae and CBRE Global Investors. The (...)


UK's Grosvenor sells 20% in Sonae mall specialist for €255m

Britain's private Grosvenor Group is further reducing exposure to retail, selling a 20% stake in Portugal-based mall specialist Sonae Sierra for €255m to its listed Sonae SGPS founder, cutting Grosvenor's (...)


UK's Aviva launches real assets focus after multi-manager sale to LaSalle

UK-based Aviva Investors, after selling its £6bn real estate multi-manager business to LaSalle IM, is to shift to a real assets focus, bringing direct real estate, infrastructure, structured (...)


Grosvenor shifts French strategy from retail towards office renovations

Grosvenor Europe, part of London's privately-held Grosvenor real estate giant, has shifted its French strategy towards Paris office renovations and reduced its emphasis on retail property, says Steve Cowen, (...)


Grosvenor Europe rebalancing retail with expansion in housing development

Grosvenor Europe, part of the private London-based Grosvenor group, is pressing further into residential and mixed-use projects to balance out retail holdings, says CEO James Raynor. With real estate (...)


Population ageing means lower RE returns, falling house prices – INREV conf

The fast rise of the elderly as a component of developed world populations implies a low-return world and real estate returns at 5-6% over the long (...)


The time to unwind is getting closer

Economic momentum in the global economy remained fairly steady in the first half of 2014, with Grosvenor’s global economic activity indicator continuing to hover at a (...)


We fear no fear !

The VIX index, also known as the fear gauge, has fallen to its lowest level in seven years. Even if equity markets are not as efficient (...)


UK economy: in a “Goldilocks” period ?

The global economy is continuing to recover at an uneven pace, with stronger growth in developed economies offsetting a lacklustre performance in the emerging markets. The US (...)


Healthily unbalanced growth

Our indicators show that growth is falling relative to trend in the US and Asia and rising in Europe. Should we be worried ? The US (...)


France lagging behind

In February, the euro zone national accounts were released. In 2013, activity in the euro zone was negative : GDP decreased by 0.4% after decreasing by (...)


Taper tantrums again ?

The recent turmoil in emerging markets (EM) has been ascribed to the wind back of quantitative easing in the US, commonly called tapering. Hot money, it (...)


A hiccup in global growth

Global growth slackened over the month of December due, surprisingly, to weakness in the US. The press has suggested that the very weak December jobs report (...)