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Jean-Marc Jestin

Président du directoire



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Pierre-Etienne Alline

Directeur groupe de l'exploitation des centres commerciaux

Thomas Aquizerate

Head of New Business and Services

Olivia Benoit

PR, Crisis & Special Projects Manager

Tanguy Berthelé

Directeur commercial France & Belgique

Louis Bonelli

Directeur général France et Belgique

Pierre-Etienne Alline

Directeur groupe de l'exploitation des centres commerciaux

Thomas Aquizerate

Head of New Business and Services

Olivia Benoit

PR, Crisis & Special Projects Manager

Tanguy Berthelé

Directeur commercial France & Belgique

Louis Bonelli

Directeur général France et Belgique

Anne-Catherine Bueb

Directrice régionale région Centre Nord

Anna Candotto

Head of Finance, France, Belgium

Antoine d'Halloy

Portfolio Management

Bernard Deslandes

Development Director

Cyrille Deslandes

Chief Investment Officer

Mathilde Dujardin

Directrice des ressources humaines France & Belgique

Julie Duvivier

Directrice juridique France et Belgique

Florence Feldmann

Directrice de l’exploitation France Belgique

Magali Fernandes

Directrice juridique groupe - Membre de la Corporate Management Team

Jean-Michel Gault

Senior Advisor

Julien Goubault

Secrétaire général du groupe

Fanny Guenzi

Head of Asset Management

Pierre Hubert

Directeur de programmes immobiliers

Salma Kharchafi

Directrice marketing France & Belgique

Magalie Lassal

Leasing Officer

Gilles Latini

Directeur régional du développement Sud -Est

Daniela Lauret

Chief Development Officer

Paul Logerot

Group Head of Investor Relations and Financial Communication

Thomas Lourenço

Chief Operating Officer

Shannon Magne

Négociatrice commerciale Specialty Leasing

Dusan Milutinovic

Directeur d'exploitation des centres commerciaux pour la France

Philippe Moing

Directeur études et CDAC

Tiphaine Olivier

Management Director France, région Nord et Belgique

Clémentine Pacitti

Group Head of CSR

Cécile Presta

Directrice groupe des ressources humaines - Membre de la Corporate Management Team

Christophe Remillieux

Directeur fiscal du groupe

Jacques Salanié

Head of Finance France Belgium

Hélène Salmon

Group Head of Corporate and Internal Communications

David Simon

Président du conseil de surveillance

Catherine Simoni

Membre indépendant du Conseil de surveillance

Lothar Stroer

Director International Development

Arnaud Tescari

Directeur des achats, de l’ingénierie immobilière et du développement durable France & Belgique

Stéphane Tortajada

Directeur financier - Membre du directoire

Bruno Valentin

Directeur financier adjoint - Membre du comité de direction


Energy savings: Klépierre is committed to achieving the government's objectives

“Energy sobriety in our shopping centers is possible. We have demonstrated this and we will do more this winter to meet the challenges ahead (...)


Klépierre returns to "normalised activity" in H1 2022

Last February, the Chairman of Klépierre's management board estimated that 2022 would show that "not only [was the crisis over], but that the return (...)


Stéphane Tortajada replaces Jean-Michel Gault as head of Klépierre's finance department

Paris-based REIT/SIIC Klépierre announced the composition of its Executive Board for a three-year period starting on June 22, 2022. While Jean-Marc Jestin was re-appointed as member and Chairman (...)


Klépierre has chosen Beñat Ortega's successor

Klépierre, Europe's leading shopping centre operator, announces the appointment of Thomas Lourenço as Chief Operating Officer, replacing Beñat Ortega, who has become Chief Executive (...)


Klepierre's total revenues drop 11.3% in Q1 2021

Paris-based pan-European REIT/SIIC Klépierre’s total revenues for the three-month period ended March 31, 2021 amounted to €281.2m, an 11.3% decrease compared to the same (...)


Klépierre’s gross rental income down 7.1 % after Q3

Over the first nine months of 2020, Klépierre’s gross rental income generated by shopping centers amounted to €852.9m on a total share basis, down (...)


Klépierre's main financial indicators declined in H1 2020

Klépierre reported a 4.2% decline in net current cash flow, to €392.1m, for the first half of 2020. Earnings per share amounted to €1.37, (...)


French REIT/SIICs URW and Klépierre reduce senior management compensation

French REIT/SIICs Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield (URW) and Klépierre both announced measures to reduce senior management compensations during the Covid-19 epidemic. “As a sign of solidarity with all (...)


French retail giant Klépierre grows 2019 cash-flow 6.7%

French retail property giant Klépierre raised net current cash flow per share i by 6.7% in 2019, at €2.82 and said it will propose (...)


France's Klépierre 1H net cash-flow up 5.4%; strategy aligned with retail transformation

Paris mall group Klépierre reported 1H19 net current cash-flow up 5.4%yy to €1.38 per share and said its strategy is perfectly aligned with the transformation of (...)


French retail giant Klépierre grows 2018 cash-flow 6.5%, to raise div 7%

French retail property giant Klépierre raised net current cash-flow per share by 6.5% last year to €2.65, and said it will propose a 7% higher dividend (...)


French Klépierre has no acquisition plans, to focus on organic growth - Jestin

Paris-based shopping centre REIT/SIIC Klépierre has no plans for external acquisitions but will focus on organic growth and the best locations going forward, its Chairman Jean-Marc Jestin says. Asked (...)


French mall REIT Klépierre boosts 1H net 7%, raises 2018 cash-flow guidance

French shopping centre REIT/SIIC Klépierre reported a near 7% rise in net income to €759.6m in first half. With net current cash-flow up 7.8 (...)


UK's Hammerson shares plunge after French Klepierre calls off bid

French shopping centre giant Klépierre said Friday it will not go ahead with an increased bid of 635p per share for UK retail REIT Hammerson after a discussion (...)


French mall REIT Klépierre boosts 2017 net to €1.5bn, raises div., guidance

French shopping centre REIT/SIIC Klépierre reported a slight rise in net income for 2017 to €1.50bn from €1.48bn a year earlier, plus a 7.4% climb in (...)


European public real estate in good shape, led by German resi, French/Spanish office

European public real estate markets are in good shape as our website goes live. German housing stocks are near highs, as are most of (...)