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Antoine Frey

Président directeur général



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François-Xavier Anglade

Directeur de l’asset management et des acquisitions

Guillaume Artaud

Directeur juridique

Pascal Barboni

Directeur général délégué en charge du développement

Camille Beauvais


Guillaume Belloy

Directeur des Travaux

Olivier Bick


Stéphane Brochard

Responsable ressources humaines

Céline Brunet

Directrice commerciale

Harold Cacheleux


Cristina Caracuel


Yohan Chemouny


Cyril Demarque

Directeur des programmes

Danièle Doré


Sébastien Eymard

Directeur général délégué en charge des finances et de la stratégie

Clément Guibert

Directeur opérationnel

Emmanuel La Fonta

Directeur administratif et financier

Stéphanie Le Leannec


Marc Lecocq

Directeur de programmes

Mathieu Mollière

Directeur communication, marketing et innovation

Julia Perlstein


Chloé Ravaud

Responsable communication et évènementiel groupe

Grégory Samocki

Directeur commercial

Jacques Vienne

Directeur de programme

François Vuillet-Petite

Directeur général délégué

Magali Wallaert



Nîmes: Frey acquires the "Carré Sud" open-air shopping centre for €85.7m

Paris-based REIT/SIIC Frey has has acquired, from a group of private investors, the shares in a company owning the "Carré Sud" shopping centre in (...)


Frey becomes the first French REIT/SIIC to be certified B Corp

Frey has become the first French REIT/SIIC to obtain the B Corp (Benefit Corporation) label, which is designed to assess the environmental and social impact (...)


Frey becomes France's first "mission-driven" REIT/SIIC

On the heels of a new CSR strategy presented last summer, in which the property company intends to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030, retail (...)


A plethora of leading retail real estate executives to speak at Mapic Digital

A wide range of international leaders in retail real estate, retail and leisure will speak at Mapic Digital. Fabrice Bansay (Apsys), Joanna Fisher (ECE), (...)


Frey accelerates its zero-carbon strategy with the acquisition of two forests

As part of its strategy towards carbon neutrality by 2030, French retail-focused REIT/SIIC Frey Group has just acquired two new forests in France: the Horte (...)


Aiming for carbon neutrality, Frey will invest €35m in the French timber industry

French retail REIT/SIIC Frey presented yesterday a new CSR strategy, which should enable it to achieve greenhouse gas emission neutrality by 2030. To this (...)


Paris-based Frey continues to upgrade its portfolio

Those who predict the death of physical retail probably haven't heard of French retail-focused REIT/SIIC Frey. With triple net EPRA NAV to €778.6m (+29%), (...)


Investors don’t count retail out just yet

“There is usually a time lag of 1-2 years between what happens in the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe”, according to Darren Yates, (...)


France’s listed Frey in €202m capital raise to fund projects, add investors

French listed retail park group Frey has announced a €201.9m capital increase to help fund 412,000 sqm in 14 new projects, and acquisitions. The move also (...)