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Knight Frank France


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Sarah Aghion

Senior Consultant - Retail Leasing

Simon Amouyal

Partner - Directeur petites et moyennes surfaces

Kate Begg

Partner, Capital Markets

Renaud Boëssé

Partner, Occupier Services, Commercial Agency

Vincent Bollaert

Chief Executive Officer France

Emmanuel Bourva

Partner - Occupier Services and Commercial Agency"

Priscilla Charrey

Partner, Occupier Services & Commercial Agency

Vianney D'Ersu

Directeur adjoint du département Retail - Locatif

Charles-Antoine Daudruy

Consultant senior investissement bureaux, Capital Markets

Guillaume del Valle

Associate - Occupier & Landlord Strategy and Solutions

Céline Désurmont

Partner au sein de l’équipe bureaux première couronne

Daniel Erith

Partner, Capital Markets

Jessica Golby

Personal Assistant to Chief Executive Officer

Antoine Grignon

Partner - Head of Capital Market

Marie Guyot

Consultante Associate - Occupier Services and Commercial Agency

Lydia Haouzi

Partner, Investissement Capital Market

Inès Jouyet

Senior consultant - Capital Markets Retail

Dimitri Lamy

Associate Occupier & Landlord Strategy and Solutions

Ilona Marie

Webmarketing and Communication Officer

Grégoire Naturel

Partner, Capital Markets

Alexandre Olivier

Consultant, Capital Markets

Adrien Portoleau

Head of Knight Frank Design & Delivery

Guillaume Raquillet

Directeur de l'agence bureaux

Antoine Salmon

Partner - Head of Retail Leasing France

Luca Spada

Chef de Projet

Gaëlle Thouard

Senior Project Leader, Design & Delivery


France : Retail Market Snapshot - Q1 2016

In France, the negative effects of November’s deadly terrorist attacks on consumption growth seems to have faded. Household consumption is expected to show a (...)


France : Industrial Market Snapshot - Q1 2016

French exports rebounded in Q4 2015 after stalling in the summer. Over the year as a whole, they increased by 6.1%, almost twice the (...)


France : Office Market Snapshot - Q1 2016

The more robust performance of the French economy and associated slow recovery of the labour market is helping to support a more active office (...)


Retail Market Snapshot - France - 4T 2015

Retail sales fell to their lowest level in eight months in November, largely due to the dip in confidence as a result of the (...)


Office Market Snapshot - France - 4T 2015

The sustained economic recovery continued to support the French office market in the final quarter and, with a take-up of almost 700,000 sq.m in (...)


France : Industrial Market Snapshot - Q4 2015

The strong momentum seen in Q3 continued the final quarter of the year. Occupational activity in the Paris region was particularly active with over (...)


France : Industrial Market Snapshot - Q3 2015

Occupational demand remains healthy across the main regional markets of Paris, Lyon and Northern France. The investment market is also seeing healthy levels of (...)


France : Retail Marketbeat - Q1 2015

French GDP growth in Q1 2015 is estimated at 0,4% by the INSEE, a sharp acceleration compared to the previous quarter (+0.1%). This progress (...)


France : Industrial Snapshot - Q2 2015

The French industrial market, and in particular the logistics sector, continued to build momentum in Q2, as the impact of lower oil prices and (...)


France : Industrial Snapshot - Q1 2015

French exports rebounded in Q4 2015 after stalling in the summer. Over the year as a whole, they increased by 6.1%, almost twice the (...)


Les marchés immobiliers français

15,1 milliards d’euros ont été investis en France en 2013, soit une hausse de 1% sur un an et une légère baisse de 3% (...)


"In a turbulent market, we are doing well"

Business Immo: How is Knight Frank doing in France? Vincent Bollaert: The year is shaping up well (Knight Frank will close the current financial year (...)


Newmark, behind the scenes of a European and... French ambition

Barry Gosin, Chief Executive Officer of Newmark, is ambitious. His goal? "To generate more than 10% of the Group's sales outside the United States (...)


"PLU bioclimatique" : what consequences for Paris' property market?

Knight Frank has unveiled a study on the possible consequences of the new "PLU bioclimatique", Paris' futur bioclimatic urban plan project, for the Paris property market. (...)


Favorable outlook for European residential investment (Knight Frank)

Knight Frank conducted a survey* of 22 institutional investors with a total of €64bn of residential assets under management in Europe. 91% of them plan (...)


CRE investment: is a downturn coming in France?

2020 could have been the annus horribilis for the French commercial real estate investment market. It was quite different... In spite of a health (...)


Brexit: Paris consolidates its second place behind Dublin - Knight Frank

Following the entry into effect of Brexit on 1 January 2021, Knight Frank France is taking stock of the movements of companies and their (...)


After Dublin, Paris benefits the most from Brexit – Knight Frank

Since the June 2016 referendum, 530 business relocation or expansion projects have been registered in Europe, reports Knight Frank. Dublin is the city that (...)