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Where are rates going, and how will European property react?

One factor overshadowing interest rates is the gradual discontinuation of Quantitative Easing in the eurozone. A first concrete step was made at the beginning (...)


San Francisco : Office market - 2015

San Francisco unemployment nears historic lows, falling to 3.3% at the end of the fourth quarter 2015. Almost 21,000 new jobs were added during (...)


The investor search for risk-adjusted returns contributed to a rise in investment activity

2015 was an extremely good year for the Norwegian investment market, breaking the previous all-time high by a significant mar- gin. Domestic and global (...)


Miami : Office market - 2015

Unemployment in the Miami metro was back to early 2015’s 5.5% and among the lowest since mid-year 2008. Leading the Miami metro was the (...)


The prospect looks positive for investment with deals initiated in 2015 expected to be concluded in 2016

 In 2015, the commercial real estate investment volume reached over € 1.8 billion, the absolute record in Portugal. In 2016, it is anticipated that (...)


The letting market showed strong resilience despite political and economic uncertainties

The investment activity in Istanbul slowed down in 2015 compared to 2014, dampened by the negative effect of economic and political uncertainties. Activity reduced (...)


Houston : Office market - 2015

Employment services job growth increased 1.7% in the Houston metro area falling below the 10-year annual average of 2.4%. Another slow year is expected (...)


Tenants have the upper hand as a result of high vacancy rates in Helsinki

Infrastructure projects within the Helsinki metropolitan area are shifting the focal points of residential and office area demand and changing the criteria for new (...)


In a negative interest rates environment, investor interest for real estate strengthened and pushed yields even lower

Despite the negative impact of the suspension of the Swiss Franc minimum exchange rate in January 2015, employment growth increased slowly in 2015 compared (...)


The real estate investment market in Geneva was boosted by 3 mega deals in Rue du Rhône

Occupier demand for office premises in Geneva remained weak in 2015. Office supply continued to increase with 230,000 m² available in the Canton of (...)


Chicago : Office market - 2015

The Chicago unemployment rate has fallen for four consecutive quarters and ended November 2015 at 5.2% for the Chicago metro. This was a slight (...)


The office market in Budapest is running out of large prime office space

In 2015, the leasing activity rose to almost 340,000 m², reaching its highest figure over the past six years. The market was boosted by (...)


The Vienna real estate market is characterized by stability by international comparison

Office take-up in 2015 totalled approximately 210,000 m², which represents a de- crease of 16% over 2014 and 2016 is expected to reach similar (...)


New York / Manhattan : Office market - 2015

2015 witnessed negative net absorption of 1.4 million SF across all the submarkets in Manhattan. Lower leasing activity, high amount of renewals and some (...)


Los Angeles : Office market - 2015

In the fourth quarter, the Los Angeles office market reported market-wide net absorption of 1.6 million SF bringing yearto- date net absorption to over (...)


Washington DC : Office market - 2015

Employment services job growth increased 1.1% in the District of Columbia during the 12 months ending November 2015, which is even with the 10-year (...)


Russia : Saint Petersburg office market - 2014

Despite the economic crisis, overall demand for office space in 2014 remained stable, especially for grade B properties. Unsurprisingly Grade A offices in current (...)


Moscow : Office market - 2014

The economic crisis that hit Russia in 2014 impacted strongly on the office market in Moscow. During the whole year, the market showed negative (...)


Greece : Athens office market - 2014

Despite the increased volatility, key macroeconomic indicators in Greece have stabilised or turned positive for the first time since 2008. Economic activity expanded by (...)


Entrepôts > 5000 m² en France : un marché toujours en difficulté - 1T 2013

Avec 290 000 m² commercialisés en France au premier trimestre 2013, le volume de transactions d’entrepôts en France affiche un recul de 32 % (...)


L'hôtellerie en France - 2S 2012

Avec 1,8 milliard d’euros investis en un an et soutenue par des fondamentaux en amélioration, la France reste l’un des marchés les plus dynamiques (...)


L'investissement en France : belle performance pour 2012 - 4T 2012

Malgré un léger repli comparativement a 2011, l’année 2012 s’achève sur une belle performance avec 16,6 milliards d’euros investis. Les fonds souverains, les assurances (...)


L'investissement en France : 2012, une belle performance

Avec 16,6 milliards d’euros investis, le marché de l’investissement en France affiche une certaine résistance au cœur d’une conjoncture économique difficile. Le 4e trimestre (...)


Entrepôts > 5000 m² en France : un rééquilibrage très marqué du marché en 2012

Avec 1 631 000 m² commercialisés en 2012, le volume de transactions d’entrepôts en France affiche un recul de -36 % par rapport à (...)


Le ralentissement des investissements se confirme - 3T 2012

Avec 3,2 milliards d’euros engagés au 3e trimestre 2012 , le marché de l’investissement en immobilier d’entreprise en France aura affiché une activité relativement (...)


L'investissement en France - 2T 2012

Malgré une croissance économique atone et des marchés locatifs en perte de vitesse, l’investissement en immobilier d’entreprise en France enregistre une belle performance au (...)


Investissement en France : un marché soutenu par les transactions d'envergure - 1S 2012

Malgré une croissance économique atone et une actualité largement dominée par la crise des dettes souveraines, le marché de l’investissement en immobilier d’entreprise en (...)


Les services prennent le relais de l'immobilier d'entreprise banalisé - 1T 2012

Avec 2,2 milliards investis au 1er trimestre 2012, le marché de l’investissement en immobilier d’entreprise est stable comparativement au 1er trimestre 2011. Notons cependant (...)


European 1H RE investment slips 13% to €102bn, but yields unlikely to rise

First half European real estate investment slipped 13%yy to €101.8bn, but despite slower growth, yield declines show little sign of reversing, says BNP Paribas (...)


British still No.1 buyers of French homes but lead is narrowing - BNPP RE

Non-resident foreign buyers of French housing rose last year by 2% while total investment was almost stable at €5.29bn, says BNP Paribas Real Estate. (...)


Where are rates going, and how will European property react?

One factor overshadowing interest rates is the gradual discontinuation of Quantitative Easing in the eurozone. A first concrete step was made at the beginning (...)


French home ownership ability rising, 2018 prices to climb 3% - BNPP RE

French households' ability to purchase homes is at an all-time high, says BNP Paribas Real Estate in a new study, and it predicts that nationwide prices (...)


With cap rate compression ending, diversified RE portfolios are best - BNPP Wealth Mgt

The significant fall in real estate cap rates in recent years is coming to an end, coupled with the prospect of interest rate rises, (...)