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Alexander Gebauer

Chief Executive Officer for West Europe

Allianz Real Estate

Asset management / Insurance company

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Hassène Aksil

Directeur des acquisitions

Laetitia Archambault

Directrice Asset Management France et Pays-Bas

David Berquez-Halley

Directeur du département commercial et arbitrage

Christophe Bouillon

Directeur des opérations

Hélène Courault

Directrice des relations investisseurs Europe de l'Ouest

Jean-Claude Dendievel

Directeur maîtrise d'ouvrage

Michel Dupuy

Head of Retail

Elsie Fuvel

Head of Portfolio and Risk Management - Western Europe

Othmane Lamzibri

Senior Asset Manager

Olivier Morel

Head oh HR Allianz Real Estate West Europe

Dominique Picard

Head of corporate real estate

Joanna Powazka

Senior Asset Manager - Team Head Retail & Office

Catherine Roblet

Responsable expertises - Portfolio management

Carole Tran Van Lieu

Directrice des financements immobiliers

François Trausch

Président du directoire - Président du comité exécutif - Chief Executive Officer - Chief Investment Officer

Marc Vetillard

Head of Marketing and Communications West Europe


Youth in the spotlight at ULI France

The Young Leaders programme, devised by ULI France, aims to offer professionals from all real estate and land management professions under the age of (...)


Allianz Real Estate and Codic sign the redevelopment of two assets in Brussels

Allianz Real Estate and Belgian developer Codic have entered into a joint venture agreement to redevelop two neighbouring assets in Brussels into one state-of-the-art (...)


"The French market remains an important pillar of Allianz's global portfolio"

Business Immo: Allianz Real Estate has just signed the acquisition of two of the three Citylights towers in Boulogne-Billancourt – one of the largest commercial real (...)


Allianz buys Boulogne-Billancourt’s City 1 and City 3 towers for €500m

According to BI sources, Paris-based insurance group BNP Paribas Cardif has sold the City 1 and City 3 towers, part of the CityLights complex in (...)


New French mayors, Nicolas Sarkozy, Covid-19... Mipim is turning into a political and economic meeting place

In the absence of a Cannes edition this year —that was postponed and then cancelled due to the coronavirus epidemic— Mipim will relocate to (...)


Immobel Executive Chairman Marnix Galle appointed as ULI Europe Chairman

Marnix Galle, executive chairman of Belgian developer, Immobel, has been appointed as ULI Europe Chairman. Succeeding Juergen Fenk, member of the executive board, SIGNA (...)


Allianz pays €200m for Rome’s Arte 25 office complex

Allianz Real Estate, on behalf of several Allianz group companies, has acquired a 30,828 sqm prime office asset in the central business district of (...)


Allianz buys Crédit Agricole Italia’s Milan HQ in a sale-and-leaseback €140m deal

Allianz Real Estate has acquired a prime office asset in the central business district of Milan for €140m in a sale-and-leaseback deal with Crédit (...)


Allianz pays €416m for two joint venture Paris office developments

Germany-based Allianz Real Estate has acquired two manage-to-core office developments in Saint-Ouen, Paris, with a total value of €415.6m on behalf of several group (...)


Allianz confirms €250m Madrid buy, says has €500m debt exposure there

Allianz has confirmed its €250m Castellana 200 purchase in Madrid and said it also now has €500m debt exposure in Spain's capital, which it ranks 4th (...)