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Société du Grand Paris: Thierry Dallard is about to step down

Thierry Dallard, Société du Grand Paris’ Chairman of the Management Board, is reportedly about to step down. “French Prime Minister Jean Castex obtained the departure (...)


No lockdown for France, but non-food >20,000 sqm shopping centres have to close

The French, as well as many economic actors were expecting a third lockdown to fight against Covid-19. Rather, President Emmanuel Macron opted for a reinforced (...)


Despite performances at half-mast, France's hospitality industry can hope again - Extendam

After a second lockdown decreed on October 29th by the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron to slow down the Covid-19 epidemic, the poor performance (...)


Emmanuel Macron announced the reopening of shops on November 28th

In a televised address to the French nation, the Head of State Emmanuel Macron spoke and announced a number of new measures to fight the Covid-19 (...)


Second French lockdown: a tax credit for landlords who will cancel part of their business rents

The day after the President of the French Republic, Emmanuel Macron, announced a second lockdown in France, the French government detailed at a press (...)


Compagnie de Phalsbourg cancels rents for brands affected by France's new lockdown

Last spring, Compagnie de Phalsbourg was the first French landlord to cancel all non-food store rentals for the duration of the lockdown. Following the (...)


Environment, retail, urban renewal plan: the main announcements of France's new Prime Minister

New French Prime Minister Jean Castex has delivered his general policy speech to the members of the French Parliament gathered at the National Assembly. Among the main measures (...)


Emmanuel Macron in favour of a moratorium on new commercial zones on the outskirts of cities

In the aftermath of the green wave in the municipal elections, French President Emmanuel Macron received the 150 members of the Citizen's Climate Convention (...)


Hotels & Restaurants: the sector is calling for partial coverage of operating losses

The French hotel and catering sector is hoping for strong measures, such as exemption from the payment of local taxes and duties in 2020, (...)


France: shops in some train stations are exempt of rent until April 30

The French National Railway Company, SNCF, and two partner property companies have announced they will exempt of paying rent —from 16 March to 30 (...)


"Owners could dispose of their real estate assets, which would generate investment opportunities."

With the containment and closures decided by the French government, the real estate market is impacted as a whole. So, what happens to the (...)


Five French retail federations requesting the cancellation of rents and charges

Five French federations representing retailers - Alliance du Commerce, FCA, Procos, FFF and FNH - are calling for "the cancellation of rents and rental charges (...)


Coronavirus : French Minister of Economy and Finance announces €45bn in immediate aid for businesses

Since President Emmanuel Macron's announcement last night of a stricter general containment, the Minister of Economy and Finance, Bruno Le Maire, considered that this (...)


France suspends rents for businesses

Adressing the nation yesterday, French president Emmanuel Macron announced that the State was going to implemant an exceptional plan to defer tax and social security (...)


Macron drops support for Europacity retail/leisure megaproject north of Paris

French President Emmanuel Macron has dropped support for the Europacity megacomplex of leisure and shopping facilities north of Paris, which he now considers outdated. Confirming information from (...)


Paris Gare du Nord wins green light for controversial €600m renovation

Paris Gare du Nord’s €600m renovation project has received a green light for its controversial commercial components, even if opponents are not yet admitting (...)


Slowdown in French home building on city outskirts results from govt. policies - minister

The slowdown in single-family home building on city outskirts is the intentional result of government policies to favour inner cities, says Minister of Housing (...)


Berlin's Scope says France’s budget deficit rise to 3.1% not necessarily negative

Berlin-based Scope Ratings says France’s budget deficit, headed to 3.1% of GDP this year, is not necessarily negative, and the long-run impact of policy (...)


Paris debates future of 35km 'périph' ring road

After deciding to 'green' the Eiffel Tower district and pedestrianise several traffic arteries, Paris is now debating the future of the 'périph', its 35km ring road, (...)


France opens way for social housing tenants to purchase their homes

The government approved an order on Tuesday to facilitate the sale of social housing to individuals by allowing them to extend the time maturity (...)


"The church is burning and the whole world is crying"

Ravaged by an huge blaze that has caused shock and sadness worldwide, France's national treasure, the cathedral Notre-Dame de Paris, is to be rebuilt, (...)


France starts campaign to seek investors for 51% stake in airport operator ADP

The French Finance Ministry is starting a campaign to seek investors to take over the state's 50.63% stake in worldwide airport operator ADP, which (...)


With €3bn invested in housing, new €1bn fund, Catella looks for value in Europe

With €3bn invested in European residential, Sweden's Catella is adjusting its view on value as its nine focus markets shift, especially after launching a (...)


France launches building code flexibility to support development, minister tells BI

France is introducing flexibility into building codes to provide more leeway for developers to produce needed accommodation, Minister Julien Denormandie told BI in an (...)


France’s SCPIs set out to conquer Europe

French SCPI real estate funds (société civile de placement immobilier), mainly designed for private savers, have invested €7.1bn outside the nation in the last (...)


Euro RE investment slowdown offset by 3Q deal flurry, pipeline pickup - RCA

The European real estate investment slowdown deepened over the summer, but concerns over the ageing market cycle were offset in 3Q18 by a flurry (...)


Merkel's twilight of gods moment may bring 'German Macron' to power

As German Chancellor Angela Merkel steps back from power, the twilight of the gods has begun. But while it will sweep away many of (...)


French state property reforms may open social housing to external capital

France has announced a wide-ranging reform of state real estate management, potentially transferring up to 100m sqm of space, including social housing, to property (...)


French parliament approves tax benefits for homeless housing

The French National Assembly parliament has approved amendments to the 2019 budget that provide tax benefits for landlords making accommodation available to the homeless (...)


In Denormandie France has its first minister for housing. Period.

After the government reshuffle today France has its first minister for housing. Period. Not for urban planning; not also for cohesion or equality of (...)


France's CDC, backed by Germany's Vonovia, said winner of SNCF housing at €1.4bn

With a near €1.4bn bid, France's CDC Habitat, backed by two state pension funds and Germany's Vonovia, has won the 4,000-unit housing portfolio sold (...)


France surges ahead on the global stage

Associated for a long time to rigid labor laws and social immobilism that hindered its economy, France elected 39 years old liberal ex-banker Emmanuel Macron, (...)


France's merger of insurer CNP, La Poste aims at new strategy, stemming losses

The French government is to table new legislation to merge state-controlled insurer CNP Assurances with La Poste, hoping to set a new strategy for (...)


France's high-profile Ecology Minister Hulot announces resignation

France's high-profile Ecology Minister, Nicolas Hulot, has suddenly announced his resignation from the government of President Emmanuel Macron, saying the political focus on environmental concerns (...)


Housing: A third pillar is possible - residential property companies

As the first reading of the ELAN housing bill comes to an end in the French National Assembly, it is clear that France needs a (...)


French National Assembly passes Elan law easing rental housing regulation

The French National Assembly parliament on Tuesday adopted the Elan law on housing, notably pressing small communal housing firms to merge, boosting permitted sales to 40,000 (...)


French parliamentary debate heats up as govt amends social housing quotas

The French National Assembly debate on housing reform became yet more divisive Tuesday as the Loi Elan housing legislation debate touched an amendment to the SRU (...)


France’s National Assembly approves Elan measures to ease resi conversions

France’s National Assembly has approved measures in the landmark Elan housing bill to ease the conversion of empty offices into housing, a key component of a (...)


French National Assembly starts Elan housing reform marathon

France’s landmark Elan housing bill, which aims to make new homes cheaper and easier to build, is being debated in the National Assembly this week in (...)


CdC reform in focus as Paris outlines 'bank of territories' to support housing

French government aims to reform its central financial arm CdC move a step closer today as senior ministers, together with Prime Minister Edouard Philippe, outline (...)


Macron to unveil steps to improve France’s disadvantaged urban areas

French President Emmanuel Macron is set to unveil new measures to lift the quality of life in France’s most disadvantaged urban areas at a meeting with (...)


French govt sets roadmap to housing tax abolition by 2021

France is to abolish housing tax by 2021 and should replace some €20bn of lost revenues by diverting other property tax income or reallocating (...)


Real estate future starts now, RICS World Built Environment Forum hears

The transformative impact of digitalisation plus huge growth in global cities will need a new generation of leaders, the RICS World Built Environment Forum in London (...)


Is Germany's Vonovia bidding for French SNCF's 4,000-unit resi portfolio?

In a deal being watched at home and abroad, French railway SNCF is selling a portfolio of 4,000 homes in a rare public sector sale that (...)


Rise of China, America's reaction is biggest geo-political risk - Fischer

The most dangerous geo-political risk facing the world is the rise of China and America's reaction to it, former German Foreign Minister and Vice-Chancellor (...)


Italian office refurb, French PRS offer new opportunities - BNPP REIM's Knoflach

Italian office refurbishment and French rental housing development are emerging as two real estate opportunities in Europe, says Barbara Knoflach, Global head of Investment Management (...)


French housing reforms to free up to €35bn in private rental units - Rigny

In a wide-ranging interview with Business Immo Europe at Mipim, Rigny explained the opportunity opened by changes in regulations introduced by President Emmanuel Macron. While these aim mainly at reforming (...)

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MIPIM BLOG Day 3: The Awards – for the ‘creative art’ of real estate in Europe

Live from MIPIM (Cannes) - Day Three-Thursday: Despite the driving rain in Cannes, even more evidence that the scope of European opportunities is widening, yes, and (...)


MIPIM BLOG Day 2: Still plenty of life in Old Europe, Mipim Proptech in view

Live from Mipim (Cannes) - Day Two-Wednesday: It is clear that plenty of opportunities are open to real estate investors in Old Europe, perhaps however no (...)


Brexit impact on Paris office slight but Macron, Grand Paris very positive - GCI

The impact on Paris office property of the UK's plans to leave the EU has so far been slight but the better investment climate (...)


French REIT Icade triples 2017 net to €170m, proposes dividend increase

French REIT Icade reported a tripling of 2017 net attributable profit to €170.3m, and will propose a rise in its dividend to €4.30 per share. Net (...)


Real estate in France well positioned but 'lazy' strategies won't work - IEIF

For 2018 the most likely economic scenario for France is a general reflation and growth above potential, says Pierre Schoeffler from property association IEIF. Real estate is (...)


UK, Germany power European 2017 RE investment to peak; logistics, hotels lead - CBRE

A strong UK market and a near record in Germany last year boosted commercial real estate investment in all of Europe by 9.3% to (...)


Poste Immo looks into future for huge 11,000-property stock across France

Poste Immo, the property management unit of France's giant public sector La Poste postal service, is tasked with foreseeing the future for its 11,000 buildings and (...)


German Grand Coalition agrees blueprint, eyes partnering with France on Europe

The renewal of Germany's Grand Coalition now looks likely after Angela Merkel's CDU and the Bavarian CSU announced alongside the Social Democrats a provisional (...)


Alibaba eyes first French logistics site, along with payments, e-commerce - Ma

Giant Chinese e-commerce platform Alibaba intends to acquire its first-logistics property in France soon, CEO Jack Ma has said. He will soon visit the country to sign an (...)


French SNCF railways to spin off €1bn in housing, unions say

French state railways group SNCF is preparing to spin off €1bn of real estate by creating a separate firm and attracting private capital, according to union (...)


Icade, SNI privatisations possible amid shake-up at French CDC

Changes in French state finance arm CDC, starting with the reported selection of its new head, are likely to shake up long-established economic structures just (...)


France passes first new element of housing strategy into law

The French National Assembly on Thursday passed into law the first new element of its national housing strategy, extending a reduced 19% tax rate to businesses (...)


Election of Macron brings foreign investors back to Paris – Expo panel

Expo Real 4 Oct. 2017 – The election of President Emmanuel Macron is ushering in a sea change in foreign perceptions of France, and external investment is (...)


Brussels monthly net rent reaches €710 in 2016

The average monthly net rent for housing and apartments in the Belgian capital Brussels climbed only gradually in recent years to reach €710 in (...)