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Berlin rental cap is sign of political failure in German capital

The Berlin Senate has opted for the rent cap (Mietendeckel), according to which, among other things, rents may not be increased for five years. If the (...)


Germany in good shape but govt hiatus, coalition treaty unhelpful - Quo Vadis

Germany's economy and real estate market are in good shape, but lack of a federal government for several months and new regulations contained in the Grand (...)


German Grand Coalition treaty agreed, passes to SPD membership vote

After weeks of talks and a historic delay in forming a government, Germany's right-wing CDU/CSU parties and the left-of-centre SPD on Wednesday announced agreement on a (...)


German resi permits fall 7% to 257,000 but 600,000 said waiting to be used

German residential building permits fell by 7.0%yy over the first nine months of 2017 to 256,800, though apartments bucked the trend, according to Federal Statistical Office (...)