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October German house prices accelerate over 8%yy - Europace

German house prices accelerated in October, up 1.17% on the month to take them over 8% on a yearly comparison, according to the Europace index issued (...)


German May house prices up 6.3%yy but signs of slowdown emerge - Europace

German house prices held steady at 6.29%yy in May but signs of a slowdown emerged, according to the Europace house price index of Berlin's Hypoport group. Standing stock values slowed, (...)


German April housing stock prices surge 8%, highest mth since 2010 - Europace

Prices in German standing housing stock surged in April to 2.64%mm, the strongest jump since June 2010 and taking the rolling rate over 8%, according to (...)


German March house prices grow at fastest pace since mid-2017 - Europace

German house prices in March grew at their fastest pace since mid-2017, up 0.67% on the month and nearly 6%yy, according to the EPX index produced (...)


November German house prices slow to 5.85%yy but no sign of downturn - Europace

German house price rises slowed to a rate of 5.85%yy in November from 6.17% in October, according to the EPX Europace House Price index produced by (...)


German house prices slow slightly to 6%yy rise in October - Europace EPX

German house prices were rising at a median 6.17%yy in October, slightly slower than in September, according to the EPX index of Europace, a unit of the (...)