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António Gil Machado

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RICS Europe

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Michel Baroni

Member of Continental Europe Standards Board (CESB)

Paul Bennison

Membre du Conseil

Michael Bütter

Member of the Management Board RICS Germany

Marcel de Boer

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Silvio Estienne

Membre du conseil européen de la RICS

Myriam Fréval

President Partner Spain

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Head of Media and Communications Europe

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Head of Public Affairs AEMEA

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External Affairs and EU Affairs Manager

Iwan van Bilsen

Head Strategic Partnerships EMEA

Maarten Vermeulen

Directeur régional de la RICS Europe, Russie et CEI


Father of Spain's REIT regime to speak at EPRA/Iberian Property event

Miguel Ferre, one of the fathers of Spain's REIT regime, is to take part, alongside four of his most successful 'progeny', Merlin Properties, Hispania, Colonial and Lar España, at (...)


Portugal to lead Poland, Sweden into Euro REITs club?

It looks as if Portugal will become the next member of the European REITs club as political confusion reigns in Poland, and Sweden shows (...)