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Head of Portfolio Management Germany & Austria - Head of Research & Strategy Europe, Real Estate

UBS Europe SE

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European Corporate Debt : Outside the financial sector, levels of indebtedness remain high

NFC debt as a share of GDP rose sharply before the crisis and has kept growing in all of Europe's major economies.  The story of (...)


The liquidity of real estate investments

As in the wider economy, players in the real estate sector tend to think in terms of cycles. In macroeconomics the discussion is of (...)


Monetary Policy – March 2017

As at the end of February 2017, the European Central Bank (ECB) had purchased monetary assets of ca. EUR1.7 trillion under its extended asset (...)


European Real Estate Market: Italian investors are an emerging force of capital

Due to the low interest rate environment and the increasing volatility of financial markets, appetite for real estate and its capacity to deliver stable (...)


European Real Estate Summary - May 2016

Since the beginning of 2016 global capital and financial markets have been on a roller coaster. On the back of slowing economic growth in (...)


A silver lining for eurozone real estate - Volatile environment in times of quantitative easing - 2H 2013

Since the beginning of the global financial crisis, capital markets have reacted sensitively to comments by central banks on (future) monetary policies. As president of (...)


Time for exploiting yield gap ? 1H 2013

The European Central Bank’s (ECB) president Mario Draghi’s pledge at the July 2012 Global Investment Conference in London, to “do whatever it takes to (...)


Capturing illiquidity pricing opportunities in the European real estate markets

Since the start of the global financial crisis in 2007, investors have not only become very risk averse, they have also been focusing their (...)


Eurozone commercial real estate market - 2H 2012

The eurozone sovereign debt crisis has been looming for more than two years now. Bold actions by the European Central Bank (ECB) have provided (...)


Eurozone commercial real estate market - 1H 2012

In 2011, the eurozone sovereign debt crisis was the dominant political and financial theme and this is expected to continue in 2012. All peripheral (...)


Challenging environment supports core strategies

The eurozone sovereign debt crisis has been the dominant political and financial theme of the first half of 2011. Even after Greece’s second bail (...)


Eurozone commercial real estate market - 1H 2011

The eurozone exceeded expectations with strong economic numbers in 2010. After a decline in GDP of 4% in 2009, the eurozone economy is expected (...)


"We are likely to see a drop in valuation and pricing"

In a new episode, BiTV welcomes Gunnar Herm, who is Head of Real Estate Research & Strategy Europe for UBS Asset Management. With him we tackle several (...)