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Director Dutch Retail Investments

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The Netherlands : Residential property market - Q4 2016

Not a day goes by without some sort of residential news showing up in the headlines. Since 2014 this news has generally been positive, (...)


The Netherlands : Investments towards € 13 bln by year-end

The Dutch economy grew by 2.4% yoy in Q3 2016, substantially higher than the EU average (1.8%) and surrounding countries (Germany 1.7%, Belgium 1.2%; (...)

HR / Working space

The Netherlands : What Workers Want - 2016

Most office workers in the Netherlands are satisfied with their workplace. They like the location of their office, the office itself and their workplace. (...)


The Netherlands : Logistics property market - Q4 2016

With 646,000 jobs and an added value of €53 billion annually the transport and logistics sector in the Netherlands plays an important role in (...)


The Netherlands remains target for foreign capital

The Dutch economy grew by 1.4% yoy in 2016 Q1 with all economic key figures showing growth: government investments +1.3%, household consumption +0.9%, exports (...)


Student Housing in the Netherlands

The Dutch student housing market is in a transitional phase.The new loan system, replacing the grant system, seems to affect student numbers, at least (...)


Student Housing in the Netherlands 2015

According to the latest national forecast the number of full-time students in the Netherlands is estimated to increase by around 58,000 in the period (...)


Interest of buyers and sellers aligned

 In Q2 and Q3 2014 all economic key figures showed yoy growth: household consumption +0.6%, private investments +2.8%, public investments +0.6% and exports +4.5%. (...)


Hotel market: Amsterdam destination number one - Autumn 2014

Despite economic headwind tourism towards and within the Netherlands has been increasing since 2010. The World Tourism Organisation attributes this growth to the (...)


Netherlands : Record investment volumes ahead

The 0.1% growth of GDP in 2013Q3 is a prelude to the economic recovery in 2014 and 2015. The increase is driven by exports (...)


Big 4 office markets Netherlands

The unfavourable economic situation in the Netherlands reflected in lower occupier demand. Total demand in the four largest agglomerations reached 230,000 sq m in (...)


Student Housing in the Netherlands 2013

The recession of 2008-2009 caused for a steep increase in student registrations, making the student housing market a counter-cyclical market. The Dutch student population is (...)


Dutch property markets in 2012 and 2013

It is becoming increasingly clear where the threats and also the opportunities lie within the Dutch real estate markets. The overall office oversupply is a (...)


Dutch retail must embrace multi-channel, says Bouwinvest report

Retailers in the Netherlands must embrace a multichannel future if they are to combat challenges from e-commerce and population aging, says a new report (...)