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Douglas Herzbrun

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U.S. Vision

Global Head of Research Dough Herzbrun often refer to the U.S. as “the most frustrating country in the world.”  Why?  The States have so (...)


Asia Pacific Vision

As the dawn of a new year is about to break, all eyes are on the US Federal Reserve and its willingness to bring (...)


European Vision - H2 2013

Europe is clearly back in the game. The financial crisis may not be over but a rapid change in sentiment and a reduction in (...)


Global Vision - Q4 2013

There are two major economic stories that will color the real estate investment backdrop in every major market: the U.S. taper and the China (...)


Global Vision - Q3 2013

The major economic story in 2013 has been the startling rebound in investor and consumer sentiment in Japan. Both the Nikkei 225 and consumer (...)


Asia Pacific Vision - H1 2013

Despite a solid year of economic performance in 2012 amid global uncertainties of both the U.S. fiscal cliff and the Eurozone debt crisis, the (...)


North America Vision - Q2 2013

The U.S. economy is nothing if not resilient. The economy has weathered multiple challenges in the last few months, some more threatening than others. (...)


U.S. Property Watch - Q4 2012

The Eurozone, China, the Fiscal Cliff, Negative Election Rhetoric. All dominated the 3rd quarter headlines. And what was the U.S. property market’s response? Resilience. (...)