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  • 2022 : Master de journalisme - Université Paris-Dauphine
  • 2020 : Master de recherche, histoire et actualité de la philosophie - Université Paris-Nanterre Paris-X
  • 2017 : Licence humanités - Université Paris-Nanterre Paris-X
Professionnal career
  • 09/2020 - ... : Business Immo - Journaliste


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"The few remaining building mayors are heroes"

Business Immo: In your book, you oppose the camp of the "decreasers" and the camp of the optimists. Who are they? Guillaume Poitrinal: First of (...)


Panattoni outlines its strategy for expanding into the French market

Its name is less well known in France than that of other major logistics players. Yet Panattoni is none other than Europe's largest logistics (...)


"In ten years, we will have gone from seven to 40 Hilton hotels in France"

Business Immo: What is the development strategy for the Hilton group, particularly in France? David Heijligers: Hilton operates more than 6,800 hotels worldwide and recently (...)


"Altarea's acquisition of Primonial seems to be definitively canceled"

Business Immo: How did you learn that Altarea had given up on acquiring Primonial? Stéphane Vidal: We were supposed to close the deal on Wednesday (...)


"The reconstruction of the city on itself will involve the obsolete tertiary sector stock"

Business Immo: Icade Promotion is presenting a turnover of more than 1 B€ for 2021, an increase of 11% compared to before the health (...)


Specialised retail: activity up in 2021, without catching up with pre-crisis levels

A gentle recovery. The activity of specialised retail outlet will improve in 2021 compared with the abyss of 2020 (+11.4%) but will remain far (...)


Growth, inflation, interest rates: where will the French property market go from now until 2024? – IEIF

The exceptional economic situation in 2020 did not allow for a numerical forecast last year. This is not the case today. Using sophisticated econometric (...)


Orpéa loses almost half its value on the stock exchange

A free fall. Orpéa's share price has lost nearly 50% of its value in less than a week. The operator and incidentally owner of (...)


"We need to seal alliances to create new ways of doing real estate"

Business Immo: Could you introduce the Garage company and its concept? Christophe Levyfve: The story began seven or eight years ago. It started with a (...)


La Défense : ULI France puts young people at the heart

Behind him, the glass facade of an office building hides half the Singapore sky. From the heights of the Marina Bay business district, the (...)


CRE financing has fallen by 23% in 2020 - IEIF/PwC

The French property association IEIF and PwC warned as early as last year. In 2020, the French market for commercial property financing suffered. While (...)


"The office of the future must integrate employees' commitments"

Business Immo: The eighth edition of your Paris Workplace barometer on offices is entitled "Offices with impact". How would you define this concept? Aude Grant: (...)


"We are witnessing the return of the local shop"

Business Immo: Retail is often identified as one of the big losers in the health crisis. Since Selectirente has made it a central element (...)


The Parisian under-35s advocate an "office with impact" (IFOP/SFL)

What if the health crisis had allowed the younger generation to come to the fore? The very generation that has suffered more than any (...)


"We will not give up on housing the French, but we must do it differently"

Business Immo: Faced with the scale of the housing crisis, you decided to launch the "Habiter la France de demain" programme last January. Why (...)


Real estate is the best performing asset class over 20 years — IEIF

Which investment has yielded the most returns over the past 20 years in France? Real estate answers the French property association IEIF in its (...)


Frédéric de Brem and Schroders Capital take on the European hotel industry

Frédéric de Brem's professional life is intertwined with the history of hotel real estate. When he founded Algonquin, an investment company, with his partner (...)


Dead in the water, Paris's Gare du Nord project gets its amending planning permission

Could this be the last twitch for the Gare du Nord transformation program, which died and was buried two weeks ago? No long after (...)


The value of French hotel assets is maintained despite the crisis (KPMG)

The explosion was "unprecedented", but hotel real estate is not suffering from any blowback. KPMG's annual review of the French hotel industry points to (...)


SFO Capital Partners and L'Étoile Properties sell Paris 8th's 17 Hoche to Deka Immobilien

The rumour had been circulating for many months on the Parisian market. SFO Capital Partners and L'Étoile Properties have finally announced that they have (...)


French State signs pact with players of the logistics real estate sector

They called it a charter of mutual commitments. The French State and the members of the logistics professional association signed this week a sort (...)


Klépierre's main financial indicators still down

Paris-based pan-European REIT/SIIC Klépierre continues to take on water under the impact of successive waves of Covid-19. Its total revenue in H1 2021 is (...)


With latest acquisition, WCP's value-added fund continues to focus on offices outside of Paris CBD

And that's three! Weinberg Capital Partners (WCP) has signed the third transaction of its WREP#3 value-added fund by acquiring a 2,700 sqm office building on (...)


French shopping centres will not be subject to the health pass unless there is a Covid-19 outbreak

The fate of France's shopping centres of more than 20,000 sqm was decided in the final hours of the week-long parliamentary debate. The senators (...)


Wired, the first immersive reality data analysis tool from BNP Paribas RE

A digital clone of Greater Paris. At VivaTech 2021, BNP Paribas Real Estate has announced the launch of Wired - for Wearable Immersive Real (...)


European high streets : Ku’damm and the Champs-Elysées more resilient than Oxford Street (MyTraffic/C&W)

London's iconic Oxford Street ends up the big loser in the match between Europe's retail high streets ! The referees, MyTraffic and Cushman & (...)


The Senckenberg Tower, an ecological manifesto for BNP Paribas Real Estate Promotion

Torn-up buildings in the background. An apocalyptic setting. In the foreground, an ugly T-Rex straight out of Steven Spielberg's Jurassic Park lets out a (...)


Logistics: are we ready for the next crisis?

"A dress rehearsal". The Covid-19 crisis may have frozen several countries by its unexpected nature and unprecedented scale, but the United Nations Secretary General, (...)


Monaco's residential market has "weathered the storm" — Savills

€47,000. The average price per square meter in Monaco, still and ever “the most expensive location to purchase residential property worldwide,” says the 2021 (...)


Despite an uncertain future, property markets are relaying trends — IEIF

Airline pilots call this VFR, for visual flight rules: when flight no longer relies on instruments to indicate the path to follow, but on (...)


"There is still room for the emergence of European Proptechs"

Business Immo: What does LBO France's NewStone fund, dedicated exclusively to Proptechs, consist of? Stéphanie Casciola: The NewStone fund should enable us to support, through (...)


Transformation of offices into housing : Paris accelerates with a call for projects

Turning offices into housing is an old cliché of real estate, a "cream pie subject " even, ironizes Emmanuel Grégoire, the first deputy mayor of Paris, (...)


Closure of shopping centres: French landlords and retailers ask for more clarity and solidarity

By decreeing the closure of non-food shopping centres larger than 20,000 sqm in order to stop the resurgence of the Covid-19* epidemic, the French (...)


2020, a year of hardships for France's retailers

At a time when new measures to stop the Covid-19 are put into effect across France, limiting opening hours and closing shopping centres, Procos, (...)


"Hines France will mark an inflection by opening up to logistics and residential"

Business Immo: What will be the markers of your presidency within Hines France? Xavier Musseau: Taking over this Chairmanship, two values drive me. Firstly, to (...)


After an exceptional 2019, CRE financing likely to slow down (IEIF/PwC)

According to the second edition of the study on the French real estate financing market, jointly conducted by French property association IEIF and auditing (...)


Even without a capital increase, URW intends to pursue its Reset recovery plan

Because it was not supported by a qualified majority, being accepted by only 61.62% of the shareholders, the €3.5bn capital increase proposed by Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield (...)


“Urban infill warehouses are the most compelling subsector within the logistic space”

Business Immo: How did this joint-venture between Valor and Quadreal came to be? Christian Jamison: Valor was founded in 2016 and, on behalf of two (...)


"There is still room in France for new outlets"

Business Immo: How has Marques Avenue weathered the health crisis of recent months, which has been particularly hard on shopping centres and retailers? Zakari Leriche: (...)