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Sandra Roumi

General Manager Costar France - Présidente déléguée Business Immo

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  • General Manager Costar France - Présidente déléguée Business Immo in Business Immo



+33 1 78 96 10 00

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  • General Manager Costar France - Présidente déléguée Business Immo chez Business Immo
  • +33 1 78 96 10 00
  • +33 6 83 00 42 51

Personal informations

  • 54 years , born the December 14, 1969
  • 1993 : Maîtrise d'information et communication - Université Paris-Nanterre Paris X
  • 1992 : Maîtrise d'histoire - Université Paris-Nanterre Paris X
Professionnal career
  • 11/2023 - ... : Costar France - General Manager
  • 04/2022 - ... : Business Immo (Business Immo Group) - Présidente déléguée
  • 09/2018 - 04/2022 : Business Immo - Présidente
  • 12/2006 - 08/2018 : Business Immo - Rédactrice-en-chef


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Mariétou Barry

Chargée d'affaires

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Chargée service clients régie - Cheffe de projet CRM

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Directrice opérationnelle du pôle carrières - Directrice Business Immo School


"Why Métal 57 is the prototype of inclusive real estate..."

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Why Pernod-Ricard France chose Les Docks in Marseille

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What French investors want internationally

A sustained level: that's how you'd define the French interest in international investment for years. In 2020, however, in detail, the geography has shifted (...)


Italy's DoveVivo launches its French coliving platform

DoveVivo, which describes itself as the largest Proptech company in the coliving sector in Europe with over 1,500 buildings and 8,000 rooms, is setting (...)


"Why our plan for France is ambitious...”

Business Immo: Looking back, what is your assessment of this annus horribilis 2020? Barbara Koreniouguine: On a global scale, Cushman & Wakefield posted a turnover (...)


"Why Finestate believes in the coliving model"

Business Immo : You have just completed your third coliving operation in France. What is your track-record on this new asset class?   Maryse Aulagnon: (...)


RedTree Capital, back in the big league

2021 already sounds like the year of RedTree Capital’s comeback on the forefront of Paris Region investment. By announcing the acquisition of 33 rue (...)


"Andera Partners will allow Panhard Group to scale up"

Created in 1995 by Alain Panhard, the eponymous group turns a new page in its history with the entry of the Winch Capital 4 fund, (...)


Meka Brunel: Guiding France's Gecina in a world of real estate undergoing huge transformation

Of course, the half-yearly results of French Gecina are good, very good, says CEO Meka Brunel; this, in a world of real estate going through a singular (...)


"Léon Grosse Immobilier wants to be a real estate developer"

Business Immo: What does Léon Grosse Immobilier represent in 2019? Barbara Koreniouguine: I joined Léon Grosse Immobilier in March 2018 with a dual objective. On the (...)


"We are targeting €1bn turnover in 2020"

Business Immo : What are your key figures respectively? Philippe Plaza: Eiffage Immobilier finished the year 2017 with a volume of 4,750 homes sold and a turnover (...)


"We are coming to France to develop and operate a new generation of buildings"

Business Immo : What does OVG Real Estate represent and what is its track record? Coen van Oostrom : Launched in 1997, OVG Real Estate is the No. (...)


Richard Malle joins CoStar Group as VP European Research

CoStar Group, a global leader in online property information, analytics and marketplaces, has recruited Richard Malle as VP European Research. He was previously Chief (...)


Business Immo joins the CoStar group

Business Immo Group opens a new page in its history. Created in 2003 by Jean-François Grazi and Nicolas Lerègle, the leading French media group (...)


Simi and Business Immo launch "Simi Live by BiTV"

Originally scheduled for 9-11 December, the 2020 edition of Simi has been postponed to 2021. In this context, Simi and Business Immo have jointly imagined (...)


Mipim 2020: Choose Paris Region signs a partnership with Business Immo

The BiTV stage, set up under the United Grand Paris tent, will be one of the new features of Mipim for its 2020 edition. Choose (...)


Business Immo wins Media of the Future's 2019 Diversification Innovation Trophy

Business Immo has won the 2019 Diversification Innovation Trophy, awarded by the Media of the Future in front of 200 media decision-makers gathered at (...)


French Foncière des Régions renames as Covivio to reflect European reach

One of France's largest REIT/SIICs, Foncière des Régions managing €21bn in office, residential and hotel property, is changing its name to Covivio to reflect its truly (...)


French Batipart's €70m new Spanish hotel buy is part of 3-tier strategy - Ruggieri

Just over a month after floating a hotel REIT/SOCIMI on the Spanish stock market, Batipart, the French Ruggieri family's holding firm, has paid €70m to (...)