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Christophe Kullmann

Directeur général



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Marjolaine Alquier

Directrice de l’audit et du contrôle interne

Paul Arkwright

Director, Financial Control and Financial Communication

Philippe Boyer

Directeur de l'innovation

Elsa Canetti

Directrice des ressources humaines

Christine Daninthe-Larangé

Asset manager - Hotels & Murs d'exploitation

Marjolaine Alquier

Directrice de l’audit et du contrôle interne

Paul Arkwright

Director, Financial Control and Financial Communication

Philippe Boyer

Directeur de l'innovation

Elsa Canetti

Directrice des ressources humaines

Christine Daninthe-Larangé

Asset manager - Hotels & Murs d'exploitation

Leonardo Del Vecchio

Member of the Board

Christian Delaire

Administrateur indépendant

Clara Descours

Responsable communication produits

Myriam Despas

Secrétaire générale adjointe

Olivier Estève

Directeur général délégué

Franck Figuereo

Directeur de pôle projets

Jean-Éric Fournier

Directeur du développement durable

Laurie Goudallier

Chief Digital Officer

Pierre-Adrien Guignetrand

Responsable projet, direction développement

Stéphanie La Sala

Directrice Relation Locataire et Gestion Immobilière

Patrick Larchevêque

Directeur juridique immobilier

Jean Laurent

Président du conseil d'administration

Gaël Lelay

Deputy Managing Director (DMD), Hotels

Joséphine Lelong-Chaussier

Directrice juridique corporate M&A

Géraldine Lemoine

Directrice communication

Céline Leonardi

Directrice de la commercialisation

Alice Lombard

Directrice administrative et financière de FDM Management

Yves Marque

Secrétaire général

Tugdual Millet

Directeur financier

Dominique Ozanne

Directeur général délégué

Bruno Paulino

Asset manager - Hotels & Hospitality Management

Pauline Pelissier

Head of Hotel Investments

Olivier Piani

Administrateur indépendant

Elsa Pisaroni

Directrice du Développement Amont

Philippe Prud'Homme

Directeur régional Rhône Alpes Auvergne

Justine Rechaux

Analyste portfolio bureaux France

Marine Renaud

Responsable de projets

Marielle Seegmuller

Directrice des opérations

Pierre Seguin

Head of Investments, Asset Management Department

Hugo Soussan

Investor Relations and Financial Communication Analyst


Covivio Hotels is preparing a €250m capital increase

Covivio Hotels, a 43.5% owned subsidiary of Covivio, is to launch a capital increase of around €250m. There is no suspense, as all of (...)


A new tandem to lead Covivio's hotel division

Tugdual Millet, Covivio's current financial director, is taking over as general manager of Covivio Hotels, alongside Elsa Tobelem, who has been appointed deputy general (...)


Diversification, Covivio's key asset to get through the crisis

Covivio's top management can keep its spirits up: despite a gruelling health and economic context, the real estate company has signed an assessment that (...)


Milan: the Covivio/Coima/Prada consortium selected to develop the Porta Romana sector

Following a call for tenders for the acquisition of the area surrounding the former Porta Romana railway station, a 187,000 sqm industrial site in (...)


"Covivio has no intention of changing its strategy in the hotel business."

Business Immo: What is your assessment for the 1st half of 2020? Christophe Kullmann: In this very special context marked by the health crisis, Covivio's (...)


Covivio’s offices and residential performances hold up in H1 2020, but hotels suffer from the crisis

Paris-based REIT/SIIC Covivio reported rental income of €302m for H1 2020 (vs €439m in H1 2019), up 1.9% on a like for like basis (...)


"Covid-19: More than ever, we need to be able to listen and be agile"

Despite the coronavirus epidemic, Paris-based REIT/SIIC Covivio is continuing its takeover bid for the German company Godewind, which was launched in mid-February and in (...)


“With the acquisition of Godewin, Germany becomes our 3rd office exposure”

Covivio has just completed a €1.2bn takeover bid for Godewin, a German listed real estate company specialising in office property. A strategic investment that (...)


French Covivio to launch takeover offer for Godewind Immobilien

Paris-based REIT/SIIC Covivio announced its decision to launch a voluntary public takeover offer for all shares in Godewind Immobilien AG, a listed office property (...)


French Covivio 1H AUM up 2.8%; on track for full year despite lower net

Paris-based REIT/SIIC Covivio's portfolio value rose 2.8% in the first half and, despite lower net income at €355m, said it is well on its way to (...)


New actors on the European stage

“When it comes to equity, European real estate is like a busy nightclub – as soon as one group leaves, another seems to be (...)


France's REIT association elects Maryse Aulagnon as president

France's REIT/SIIC association FSIF has elected Maryse Aulagnon, founder of the Affine group, as president in succession to Covivio CEO Christophe Kullmann. FSIF (Fédération des Sociétés Immobilières et Foncières) represents around 35 real estate investment trusts that (...)


French Covivio boosts 2018 EPRA earnings 6.4% to €381m, 4.5% per shr

Giant French REIT/SIIC Covivio boosted 2018 EPRA earnings 6.4%yy to €381m group share, and 4.5% to €5.08 per share, exceeding guidance of 3%. In its results release, the firm (...)


Milan office in huge demand as occupier needs change fast

Supply of modern Grade A office real estate in Italy's business centre Milan is tighter than ever, but tracking shifting occupier needs is the (...)


French Covivio ready to grow France/Italy office, Euro hotels, German resi

French REIT/SIIC Covivio, the renamed Foncière des Régions in the process of simplifying its structure, aims to expand in three focus segments, France/Italy office, (...)


After 1H rebranding, €1.7bn acquisitions, Covivio still has strong ambitions - Kullmann

French REIT/SIIC Covivio has had an eventful 2018 thus far, assuming a new identity and making a major move into the British hotel sector. Long-time CEO (...)


French Foncière des Régions renames as Covivio to reflect European reach

One of France's largest REIT/SIICs, Foncière des Régions managing €21bn in office, residential and hotel property, is changing its name to Covivio to reflect its truly (...)


French FdR in merger offer for Italy's Beni Stabili; to change name

Giant French REIT/SIIC Foncière des Régions is in talks with Italy's Beni Stabili, its 52.4%-owned Italian office unit, to merge the latter into the group on the (...)


French Foncière des Régions confirms talks to buy 14 British 4/5-Star hotels

Diversified French REIT/SIIC Foncière des Régions has confirmed it is in talks to acquire a portfolio of 14 British hotels from the US-based Starwood Capital group. The portfolio (...)


French Foncière des Régions boosts 2017 net 10% to €391m, sees favourable 2018

Diversified French REIT/SIIC Foncière des Régions last year raised net recurring income by 10% to €391m, and will propose a 2.3% dividend increase to (...)