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Real Estate Transparency : Back on Track

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Jones Lang LaSalle’s 2012 Global Real Estate Transparency Index, which now extends to 97 markets, reveals renewed impetus in transparency improvements across the world’s real estate markets. Following the slowdown in progress that was observed in several countries in the immediate aftermath of the Global Financial Crisis, our 2012 biennial survey highlights steady improvement during the past two years. Nearly 90% of markets have registered advances in real estate transparency since 2010.

Improving market fundamentals data and performance measurement, combined with better governance of listed vehicles, have underpinned much of the transparency progress over the past two years. Major leaps in performance data have been made in Brazil, Emerging Asia, Mexico and Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). Market fundamentals data has been enhanced in most markets, with several CEE countries, such as Poland, adopting and improving upon best practices for real estate market data collation.

The issue of environmental sustainability is gradually moving to the forefront of real estate investor and corporate occupier concerns. In response, we have launched a separate Real Estate Sustainability Transparency Index for a sub-set of 28 countries, covering such issues as energy benchmarking and Green Building rating systems. The United Kingdom, Australia and France are the top scoring countries in this new Index.

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