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The Opinions of 180 Leading Investors on the Market and Their Plans for the Next 12 Months - H1 2012

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Preqin, the alternative assets industry’s leading source of data and intelligence, welcomes you to the H1 2012 edition of Preqin Investor Outlook: Real Estate, a unique look at investors in the asset class, their current opinions of the market and the outlook for fundraising in the year ahead.

Preqin Investor Outlook draws on the results of detailed interviews conducted with over 180 institutional investors from around the world during November and December 2011. The sample of investors was selected from Preqin’s Real Estate Online database, the most comprehensive and accurate source of information on investors in private real estate funds available today, and the interviews were carried out by our skilled teams of multi-lingual analysts.
Speaking directly to institutions located across the globe has enabled us not only to provide in-depth analysis of their current views and opinions, but to accompany this with comments from key investment professionals in their own words, providing readers with a unique insight into the attitudes of the leading investors in real estate.

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