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Real Estate in the Real Economy

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Real Estate in the Real Economy

Real estate, as a general term, describes the built environment, which plays a vital role in every aspect of the European economy, society and environment. Businesses and society can't function without the services of commercial property including the provision of offices, shops, factories, housing and many other forms of real estate. The commercial  property sector delivers and manages the infrastructure needed for entrepreneurship to thrive. It is therefore a fundamental source of employment and economic growth, and a major contributor in addressing two critical challenges of our time: providing liveable and functioning cities for a growing urban population and reducing the environmental footprint of the built environment.

The efficiency of the process through which the European real estate industry invests, develops, supports, and  maintains the built environment, and services its clients, is of crucial importance to policy-makers. Although there are many factors that influence the well-being of European citizens and the European economy, a performing real estate sector provides the basic platform for all these other factors to deliver their full potential, and for the European economy to thrive and remain competitive.

Source : EPRA

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